An Apology

31 07 2007

To Jennifer

 Sorry you don’t have anything entertaining to read when you get to work today. I “dropped by” Children of Eden rehearsels tonight (after buying two swank new sketchbooks) and four hours later I’ve just gotten home. One of the dressers didn’t show up so I actually had to stay and be helpful.

Long and short of it…

There is nothing here that is:







worthy of discussion.

My apologies.

I’m working in the morning but I’ll be home at 12:30 our time. By then I should have something clever to say. Something, perhaps, about how the Enemy is not just interested in our physical destruction. He wants to steal who we are meant to be on this earth. I know, I’ve seen it happen.

Yes, there will have to be something about that….


Why would you NOT want to make movies?

30 07 2007

No, seriously… I cannot imagine not making movies. It’s like theatre; I would make coffee every day just to be in that atmosphere. I like the stress of production and I like getting to hang out with lots of talented people. I enjoy when things go wrong and everyone has to scramble to make it work. Heck it even makes me laugh that most actors think the world revolves around them. Read the rest of this entry »

NOW I’m Excited

26 07 2007

So this morning I was having a lot of trouble getting my carcass-larcass out of bed. I reset my alarm, hit snooze, even used my fancy sleep mask to block out the light. It got to be about 9:40 and the cat figured out how to open my door. It may be hard to sleep with an alarm going off and light in your eyes but it is downright impossible with a squawling cat standing on your head.

So I got up. Read the rest of this entry »

Tiny Doughnuts and Menengitis

26 07 2007


My day started out with “Oh golly. Must I REALLY get up?” Since my alarm clock and my pillow both failed, in their turns, to answer, I got my fanny out of bed.

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My Soul Has Wallpaper

25 07 2007

No, I’m not kidding. Hang with me here, it will make sense by the end.

Today I got to work at Lucy at the crack of dawn. My manager (who I really like) goes “So Kimberlee quit.” Now, what you have to understand is that since we got our new store manager about 8 people have quit. Quite without notice, mind you. Basically, I knew right then that I was in for a long morning.

When I’m right, I’m right. Read the rest of this entry »

Inspired by “Godspell”

22 07 2007

Ok, so I’m a sucker for a good musical. Not that Godspell, in and of itself, is a good musical- it’s far too disjointed for my taste. However, an excellent production and a talented cast made for an enjoyable night out.

 Memorable moment- Casey Craig’s favorite pair of overalls got mauled by a chair and his only comment “Oh. Gosh.” resounded through the theatre. Only he can look totally nonplussed at the mid-act ruination of his pants.

“Three things I pray

See Thee more clearly

Love Thee more dearly

Follow Thee more nearly

This I pray”

It’s making me reconsider my stance on religously-themed musicals. I was touched by Joseph…, though slightly put-off by the hokier moments. I weep openly during the Act I finale of Children of Eden and I was genuinely touched by Godspell.

Honestly, though, let’s not give too much credit to the creators of said musicals. It probably has more to do with the fact that you simply cannot hide Truth when it’s in plain sight than it does any particularly genius on the part of men.

Pardon any lack of clarity in my English grammar… it’s a bit late (almost 2am my time) and I’ve had a strange day.

Bravo Kentridge high school and props for entertaining someone as picky as I!

These are a few of my favorite things…

20 07 2007

 I’ve been wandering around these past few days I’ve been thinking about the home-ish things that I really really enjoy. Not the people, mind, but the things. (I’m sure there is something biblical about not loving things but I just can’t help it.)


The Sweatshirt-

I stole this sweatshirt from my best friend from high school, Jake Stillwell. Dad occasionally refers to me as “Stillwell” because I wear it around so much. In fact, I’m wearing it right now. I usually nap in it because the hood is big enough to pull completely over my face.



They are actually men’s socks purchased by the cart-load at Costco. They must be made of pygmy yak hair or something because they are incredibly soft. I wear them around the house and occasionally to sleep in.


The Bookshelf

Alphabetized by author… gloriously aesthetic. My favorite piece of furniture in the whole house.



A life-size standup of Legolas that my sister bought for me one Christmas. Be careful what you wish for, children. I told her to bring me home a boy and she did! Granted, he’s only 1/4″ taller than me and he doesn’t say much but what can you do? I’m still trying to figure out how to get him to NZ with me…