Reluctant Blond

27 12 2008

I feel the need to quikpress the thought that I am a reluctant blonde. I wish I had dark brown hair so that I could be one of those really striking pale-skinned, dark-haired types. My grandmother calls it “Black Irish”.

That said, my family wasn’t really wild about it when I actually did dye my hair dark brown and, barring another opinion that supercedes theirs (of which there is none, at this point), I shall remain a reluctant blonde.


The Grand Ole Update

26 12 2008

After recieving a beffudled and rather panicked call from my dear friends out in KC, I think I’d better catch you all up on Doorpost, phone calls and my future.

About six months ago I was put in contact with a man (Shall we call him, Dan?) who runs a company called The Doorpost Film Project. I don’t know how much info I can spread around so this still might be a little cryptic. I could be being cryptic for no reason but bear with me. I sent Dan my resume and waited. And waited. And waited some more. Read the rest of this entry »

Merry Christmas!

25 12 2008

I am feeling to overwhelmingly blessed today. My generous family has been really extraordinarly kind.

I am sitting here on my couch with the cat sleeping near my right elbow. I’ve had meals, snacks, cookies, presents, and some really good moments with Jesus. Who could ask more from a holiday?

I owe you all a catch-up on my life kind of post. Do not fear, I am fully aware and will write something up soon.

Tomorrow is a trip to Barnes and Noble and work in the evening.

The Sad King

22 12 2008

            “Oh if only I had a horse of my own! Then I should be as happy as a king!” The little urchin cried out shrilly, loud enough to be heard by the members of the King’s guard who were marching smartly on parade.

            Today was the annual Royal Parade (about which everyone spoke in distinct capital letters). The King’s guards were all very nattily dressed in blue and gold and black and they rode on matched gray horses. The king followed wearing the royal golden crown and a vest embroidered with sapphires over a white linen shirt and black woolen trousers. He was rather dazzling to look at and very tall on his large black war horse so most of the peasantry avoided even looking his way. There was an old folk-legend that if you looked in the king’s eyes on the day of the Royal Parade you would be instantly smited where you stood. No-one quite knew what “smited” meant- it was a very ignorant sort of country- but it sounded dire. In consequence, people watched the proud horses, the beautiful ladies, the tumblers, the pie-sellers and indeed everyone but the King.

            Of course, that didn’t stop the king from looking at them, nor did his dazzling vest dim the roar of the crowd as it reached his ears. He heard the little urchin’s wish and it made him sigh heavily. (It did not matter if he smiled or frowned on this particular day since no-one so much as glanced at his face.) 

            He had horses and, while he enjoyed and admired them, they did not make him happy. Indeed, there were some days when the upkeep of the royal stable made him very sad indeed. You see, he had to have a lot of horses because he had a large army and a big staff of people whose main function was to make him seem impressive. Those people needed to ride horses and the horses themselves had to be well bred and well dressed. All this pomp and circumstance was expensive and had to be paid for somehow. The only solution his advisors ever offered was ‘raise taxes’.

            The king was a kind man and disliked raising taxes. He knew that if you kept forcing the peasants to give you all their money then they would have nothing to spend on food and clothes and education. It was the king’s sincerest wish that he have a well-educated country but he couldn’t afford it! Read the rest of this entry »


22 12 2008

Why aren’t tears sparkly like the are in animated movies? I think they should be- it would be a more accurate reflection of how God views our sorrow. If He thinks that tears are worth counting and saving then I think they should be super sparkly in real life.

Just a thought.

Boxing: It’s Not Just For Stallone

22 12 2008


I got these gloves (my first Christmas present) from a good friend, Michael. I am to learn the art of the punching bag, as it will be necessary when faced with the obstacles of my Destiny.  Seriously. Read the rest of this entry »

Snow Day!

19 12 2008


The picture has nothing to do with the post, I just felt like posting something artistic and I haven’t scanned anything new.

Today I had an actual snow day. You wouldn’t think that would be possible for a girl who’s not in school but I was cleverly incapable of getting to work tonight. Dad took my 4-wheel drive, snow-tire attired SUV out into the neighborhood and was spinning out really badly. Frankly, my job is not important enough for me to risk my life. Anyone can make coffee. Granted, I do it with flair and overwhelming cuteness, but so could an especially well-groomed chimp. Read the rest of this entry »