Christmas in London

30 09 2008

I’ve decided that nothing would suit me better this year than Christmas in London. Once Stacie’s wedding is over I don’t have anything much going on so I’m going to grab Erin Laura and head across the pond for some Christmas cheer.

I’ve found a hotel just off of Hyde Park. It’s the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park hotel and has a Superior Suite that is just up my alley. We’ll enjoy our deluxe accomodations overlooking Hyde Park, with a little color tv if the jet lag gets too bad.

One of my long-standing dreams is to go to a play in London’s West End. It’s their version of Broadway and holds way more appeal for me. Moreover, I would love to see some Shakespeare in Shakespeare’s home and my favorite of his shows, Twelfth Night is running through Christmas.

Now, if you are going to see a show in London’s West End, you have to dress the part. I have a blue cocktail dress that would do. However, if I find that I have a little extra cash I might buy something from a great designer, Oscar de la Renta. Make sure to check out the back view. Honestly, there is a lot of flippancy in these ‘dream trip’ posts, but I honestly would dress in nothing but Oscar de la Renta if I could.

So there are a few of my ideas for my trip to London. Would anyone out there add anything?


I Lose Things

30 09 2008

“I’m sorry, ok? I lost it!”
“We’re royal ! We’re not supposed to lose it, other people are supposed to lose it! We’re supposed to find it!”

Quote courtesy of The Princess Diaries.

I have a wonderful talent for losing things. I’ve lost a digital camera (I think it might have been stolen), my favorite pair of pink sunglasses, countless bookmarks and more than one pair of fuzzy socks. Most recently I lost the battery charger for my digital camera. The funny thing is I remember putting it somewhere and saying “I’ll never remember where I put this…”

I was right.

However, I’ve discovered a wonderful tool. I just ask Jesus where [whatever the particular item is] has got to. So far it’s had a marvelous rate of success.

That said, I’ve still not found my battery charger. Mostly because up until this moment, I’d forgotten my wonderful Saviour who cares about things like that. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Am I the only one who does this? Please tell me that someone else out there is as prone to object-loss as I am.

The Curious Letter and What it Contained

29 09 2008

I’ve always loved velvet upholstery. A dear friend of mine cannot even touch velvet without having a terrible attack of shivers. The thought of an entire piece of furniture covered with the stuff is utterly abhorrent to her.

But I love it. Today, while the footman was telling Lady Victoria of my arrival I took off my gloves and ran both hands over the sofa. It was a wonderful sensation of opulence. With times as difficult as they have been only the aristocracy can afford things like velvet sofas.

Luckily I have an acute sense of hearing and Lady Victoria has had more than her share of cake in her lifetime. I heard her coming before she reached the marble floors of the hall and hurriedly replaced both of my gloves. They were hand dyed, embroidered in a lovely shade of pale gold and fit perfectly.

I always feel better about going visiting when I look my best. The new breed of female believes that we would dress as dowds to feel free. I believe firmly that a nicely embroidered pair of gloves does more for one’s outlook than all the gray wool in the world. Though, I will admit to a partiality for their ideas about footwear. High heels pinch me terribly and my arch is not all that could be desired. Read the rest of this entry »

Planning Vacations

28 09 2008

Ok, so one of my guilty pleasures is planning vacations that I lack the finances to take.

One of the places that I have never been is Hawaii. Now, I fully approve of the classic hotel-on-the-beach approach to a Hawaiin vacation. I’m actually a secret fan of tourist traps.

Point being, if given free reign, my tastes run to the… shall we say deluxe?

Today I’ve decided to visit the lovely island of Kauai. My villa is a thousand feet above the water and surrounded by 11 acres of wildlife. There are only two bedrooms (one more than I need, of course). Most importantly, there is both a hot tub and a soaking tub.

I’m going to spend my time reading, swimming and drawing copious amounts of little sketches of the island. I am leaving my computer and dvd player at home. Some vacations require entertainment options, but ‘villa on the beach’ is not one of them. I’ll have my cell phone with me in case you need me, but I’m trying to go ‘off grid’ so don’t bug me unless it’s urgent.

Now, no voyage to the lovely warm waters of Hawaii would be complete without scuba diving. And scuba diving with a group of people/ a teacher is lame. Therefore I will need to take Scuba lessons.

Moreover, if you are going to be playing in the water, you need a few new swimming suits. Swimming suits are hard to find, so it’s better to buy them designer.

I really should take a buddy in case that scuba diving thing works out. It’s really a bad idea to scuba without a buddy. Also, I want someone there to pee on my foot if a jellyfish stings it. Anybody want to come with me and hang out at the villa and (possibly) pee on my foot?

That’s the fun thing about fake vacations. You can spend as much “mind money” as you want to. This kind of vacation is once in a lifetime, if you are lucky, and I think that if such things really do come off they should be magnificent.

So there you are. Next week I’m going to the south of France.

Driving Your Cat Crazy 101

28 09 2008

This morning I stayed home from church to make soup. While out in my garden, knee deep in really damp plants, I realized that I should probably harvest some catnip before the first frost comes and kills it. So I clambered over the Italian Parsley, the Marjoram and the nameless flowers and cut off about a pound of catnip. I washed it and spread it on a towel on the kitchen counter.

So between the “chicken carcass bubbling in a pan” smell and the overwhelming odor of catnip, my cat looks like she had multiple personality disorder. She keeps wandering from place to place looking pretty cranked up and completely confused.

Good times.

Life today

24 09 2008

I don’t post very much for the simple reason that my daily life is simple and my inner life too complicated (and “inner”) to be posted on the internet. There are a few interesting tidbits worth sharing, though.

I’m teaching my first art lesson tomorrow. We are going to start with basic forms and move on to acrylic painting soon. Student 1 wants to learn semi-abstract, student 2 likes to draw flowers and student 3 has yet to express an opinion. Directly following said art lesson will be my first piano lesson, for which I have a substitute teacher since my actual teacher has double booked herself.  I already know how to do inversion, which is not something that you need to know when the only key that you can play in is C major. (Not that they are related, it’s more of a level of technical ability that doesn’t go with MY technical ability.) Read the rest of this entry »

A Challenge

22 09 2008

—I am going to start a story. I want someone out there in the blogosphere to take it up where I leave off. You can add a paragraph, a sentence or as much as you want to the narrative. Leave it at another “cliffhanger” and I’ll take over again and finish it. Who’s game?!—

Ned thought his life was interesting but he doubted that anyone else would find it so. He worked very hard and enjoyed collecting doorknobs in his spare time. His hobbies are, for our purposes, incidental and immaterial.

Ned worked for the Department of Unnecessary Road Works. It was Ned’s job to find the most used roads and decide to alter them in some “vitally important” but really ridiculous way. It was his secret delight to inconvenience as many people as possible with the least trouble to his sister department, the Department of Employing Road Workers at Exhorbant Rates to Little Purpose. Read the rest of this entry »