My Soon-To-Be Backyard

19 07 2007


The following was taken from a random travel site that I stumbled across. Hey, I’m not in school. I don’t have to cite if I don’t want to! 

“Mount Maunganui is your El Dorado if the beach is your passion, the pristine sands have long been a Mecca for holidaymakers. As a main centre for summertime activities, ‘The Mount’ hosts everything from surf lifesaving events to beach volleyball, parasailing, sandcastle building and surfing contests. Surf lifesaving guards assist safe swimming in the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

The mountain of Mt Maunganui, also known to the local Maori people as Mauao, is shrouded in legend and history. It’s the dominant geological feature of the Tauranga District, with its conical rocky outline rising 232 metres above sea level. It has been of great importance to local Maori for more than six centuries as a place of occupation and later as a refuge for defence. Evidence of this is still visible today.

The gently undulating track around the base winds from the ocean to the harbour. Tracks also lead to the summit for some of the best ocean and city views anywhere. “



3 responses

19 07 2007
Jennifer James

I am so jealous.

19 07 2007

Dad said when I was writing this “Don’t show those pictures to Jennifer!” Be excited because if I move there (which seems to happen alot with HOP interns) you can come and visit me. We’ll swim and be assisted by those “lifesaving guards”. I’m off for a run. Much love.

19 07 2007
Jennifer James

Oh I do want to come visit you! Me DO want! At your island estate where waiters bring us snacks, drinks, and new books at the pool!

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