The Second Day

28 11 2007

Did you ever think about what it must have been like for the disciples on the day after Jesus was crucified? We tend to skip from the cross to the empty grave and forget that there was a day where heaven was silent and earth was empty.

—At this point let me offer a disclaimer. If I err in any way it is my human fallability. I would love to hear thoughts from my audience (all five of you)— Read the rest of this entry »


Where IS the tea towel?

26 11 2007

(Title taken with permission from Karina at the intern dinner tonight. She spent two and a half hours wandering around looking for that towel.)

Can I just say right now that there is only 178 days until the release of Prince Caspian?

Also that, of all the things I am going to miss about NZ, “pump” water bottles are easily in my top five.

And, not to drag on the random comments any longer than neccesary, tomorrow is my first ‘set’ at THOP.

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