The Time Machine Strikes Back (The Final Chapter)

24 06 2010

Yes it took me weeks to get here (literally) but we have arrived. I will end this thing or die trying. Thanks to Jenn, Alex and Robin for being the reason I kept going. It may not be great writing (first drafts never are) but it is FUN. And fun, in this world, cannot be rated too highly. At least not if it’s good clean fun. 🙂

Merlin, whatever he may have been, was not a man prone to exaggeration. The spectacle that greeted me as I was frog-marched onto a dirty sort of parade ground was blinding in its’ magnificence. There were women in gaudy colours, men in gaudier hats and knights in armor so bright it made the sun seem washed out. The sheer amount of people is what got me, though. There must have been almost a thousand of them.

It didn’t take long for someone to figure out that I was the guest of honor. A wave of humanity came surging and threatened to swamp my small guard. I thought for sure they’d smother us but a couple of knights on horseback knocked a few heads together and the press receded.

Casual violence as crowd control is effective if not reassuring. Read the rest of this entry »