Nothing Romantic

12 07 2011

“You know,” I told my Dad earlier today, “There is nothing romantic about a summer rain in Seattle. Rain is only romantic if you live somewhere where it doesn’t rain ALL THE TIME.”
He nodded and grabbed his Snapple. “Yep. Rain is only romantic when it’s in a song about someone else.”

Needless to say, we’re on our third rainstorm today and it’s getting old fast.

In other news, I’m watching parts of “Kill Bill”. It’s pretty much just as weird and bloody as I remember. Suddenly I recall why I never sat through the whole thing in the first place. Also, what’s up with the asian kid in the plaid skirt? Did plaid suddenly become big in Asia? Lots of Scottish people wandering over for really good sticky rice and then forgetting to leave? Also, someone should tell her that her weapon was a poor choice. Things that work on inertia are insanely difficult to control.

In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, this is one of those stream-of-consciousness posts that happen when I’m too awake to sleep but not creative enough to paint.

Just watched a couple of really impressive martial arts movies: Ip Man and Ip Man 2. They’re both on Netflix instant watch if you want to check them out. Best part is that they are based on a true story. Second best part is that they are gloriously sparse on wire work. I detest martial arts movies that rely on wire work. (Another reason not to like Kill Bill). If you are going to make a movie about fighting the fighting should at least APPEAR realistic. Wire work is great for things like Matrix, where you are expected to suspend disbelief. But if the physics looks off in a real martial arts movie I get irritated and stop watching. Note- I’ve always been like this, even before I’d ever taken a Kempo lesson.

(Can someone remind me why Lucy Lui is the bad guy? I’m having trouble figuring out the stare-down that is happening right now…)

I just gave up on Kill Bill. Too boring. (Yes, I said BORING).

Basically my life has devolved (evolved?) into Kempo and painting. Supposedly I still have a job but I haven’t been there in four or five days so work is fading into a dim memory. The blessed haze of forgetfulness has settled over my memories of the box office, the house managing and most of all the lobby attending. Instead of work I work out. Thrice yesterday and a really intense weight day today mean that my body is gloriously gelatinous. Tomorrow I’m getting up and going for an hour long run. Hooray! (Means I get to use my new running watch!)

I’ve been working on some writing stuff lately, too, and lots of drawing. Also, I’m feeling my feelings to the best of my ability. Which is hard, because I have a lot of feelings these days.

Back to drawing. So long and thanks for all the fish!


Art, Martial Arts

7 07 2011

A little over a month ago I was driving home from karate exercising my ability to dream. “What,” I asked myself, “is your perfect way to spend next year?” The answer was instantaneous, “art class during the day and karate at night”. The whole concept was so exciting that I went home and looked up places to take art classes.

Now, it’s not quite as easy as enrolling in University. Primarily because University art courses are… shall we say… lacking. If I wanted to sit in a room and listen to someone drone on about Art History I’d go to University. Since I actually want to improve my SKILL SET, I needed something else. Enter The Gage Academy. For those of you who know the art world, it’s an Atelier. For those who can’t even pronounce “Atelier”, it’s an apprenticeship. The student spends 30-40 hours a week in their corner of the studios completing assignments and being critiqued. ┬áLearning through DOING. It’s not officially decided but I did get accepted and I would love to go.

Also, Fins Bistro has put me on the list of artists. I’ll be having a show down there during the month of August. Of course, as of the 30 day mark I had not one single painting prepared. Luckily I paint fast so I should be ok.

In the world of martial arts things are moving on apace. I’m a yellow belt now and had my first night of sparring last night. (You’ll never know what a thrill it is for an ex-ballerina to own a mouth guard!) Naturally, most of the night was spent in “flailing newb” mode, but there was a lot of learning happening so I don’t mind. You can bet I’ll be at every sparring class between now and the tournament. If I’m going to pay the entrance fee and buy the sparring gear I better freaking win at least once!

My love of kempo continues undimmed in the face of a bruised/broken second toe, a collection of bruises and bumps that span the colours of the rainbow and a bunch of strained neck muscles. What I do not love is sparring with guys who take one look at me and go into “got something to prove” mode. Frankly guys, I’m a YELLOW BELT, you don’t have to throw a punch like Muhammad Ali in order to break my guard. I’m not that skilled. Just take a deep breath and be sneaky instead of coming at me with brute force. Please. Kthanksbye.

Point being, life is good.