Let’s Go to the Movies

21 11 2007

Last night one of the other interns, Ang, and I went to see Lions for Lambs.

As we were sitting in the theatre chatting before the movie, Ang suggested that I write a blog about the experience of going to the movies. I loved the idea. As anyone who knows me or reads this blog consistantly will tell you, I adore movies. Given the opportunity I would spend most of my paychecks at the theatre. Some people don’t like movies as a ‘date’ thing or a ‘social’ thing because you don’t really talk to one another. I disagree. A movie seen together is one of the best experiences possible, as I shall attempt to show you in what follows. Read the rest of this entry »


Of Beaches and Bonfires

27 10 2007

Tonight in celebration of Jess’ 26th birthday, we had a bonfire on the beach at the Mount.

On our way there we stopped at the Starbucks on the Mount and got black & white hot chocolates. Though it’s spring and the days are nice and warm, the beach tends to be windy and cold in the evenings. Being inside Starbucks was a lovely little taste of home. Thank goodness for chain coffee shops with identical decor and music. It even smelled like home. Read the rest of this entry »