Driving, an elaboration

30 10 2007

Yesterday afternoon I realized that I had no way to get to the intern dinner. Usually the other intern in my house drives me, but she’s gone home for a week or so. I was in a pickle and no two ways about it.

After class the girls asked if I wanted to just go home with them. That would have been a ducky solution except for two things: one, my spirit doesn’t handle groups very easily right now and two, I needed groceries badly. When your meal choices are veggie noodles or potato, a Pack ‘n Save trip is vitally important.

On the way to Pack ‘n Save, while Nikki was driving, we came up with a brilliant plan. We would borrow Graham’s car and I would drop her off at the prayer room. I would then go to dinner and come back and pick her up afterwards. This meant that I WOULD BE DRIVING. *Pause for gasps of shock* I loved this plan, though I was a little afriad at first. Read the rest of this entry »



29 10 2007

That title demanded a capital-letters attack.

That’s right, all you loyal blog-readers. I drove. In NZ. IN A BMW!

Expect to hear more about this very soon. For now, it’s bedtime