New Look, Better Blog

29 08 2010

Many many  years ago I began this blog for two simple reasons. The first was because my sister had one and she is exceptionally cool. Ergo to be cool I needed a blog. The second reason was that I was going out of the country for four months and a blog seemed the best way to keep in touch. Turned out to be a wise move since it took me several weeks to figure out the best calling card and even then phone chats were prohibitively expensive.

Since then I’ve used this little ‘corner of the internet’ for a a lot of blather with some creative writing thrown into the mix. Don’t worry- the blather will always remain and creative writing is and will always be a given.

However, as I gather the threads of this coming year I plan on using my blog to keep track and keep accountable. I have a lot of work ahead of me and if I know uncounted Big Brothers are checking in on me I will be more inclined to stick strictly to schedule. Read the rest of this entry »