Another Post About Food

29 02 2008

I’ve been reading my sister’s blog while at work. This is never a good idea because it makes me hungry. However, today I have insurance against Jennifer-induced munchies. It is called “The Manager is out of the Box Office and we are having a party”!

We’ve got Jamba Juice, kettle corn, pistachios, pears, oranges and graham crackers with frosting. Not only that, but hardly anyone has called yet which leaves lots of time for Facebook and blogging.

Life is sweet.


The indignity of airports and the blessedness of snoozes

28 02 2008

For the past week or so I’ve started having more of my Moments. Those of you who are long-time readers of this blog might remember a post called Living a Life of Moments that I wrote almost a year ago. Well those moments have come and gone, but they started happening with increased frequency of late.

Last Monday on my way home from Kansas City I was standing in the security line at KCI airport and I was struck with a fit of giggles. The utter indignity of standing with ten other people in a public area without shoes on was hilarious. I got slant-wise looks from security gaurds and other passengers seemed entirely to have missed the obvious humour. Anyway, it made MY day.

A few months (weeks?) ago I was in my kitchen eating an apple when I found myself staring at it, chewing thoughtfully. Only God could have come up with apples, I thought to myself. It was an incredibly intense moment for some reason. Now it makes me smile to think how sincere I was about the whole thing.

This morning when I woke up from a blissful nine hours of sleep my face was hot and the rain was hitting my window. It was so cozy and lovely that I just lay there and enjoyed it for five solid minutes.

So far, it’s been a pretty good day.

I Can Haz [rage]

27 02 2008

It should be “I haz degree” but due to the over political stuck-up-ness of most four year universities, I can haz rage.

Lots of it.

I went to Bellevue Community College for a little less than two years. I got my AA, graduated with high distinction and am a nationally certified math tutor. And yet, these schools will only accept some of my credits, seem to think that BCC is a slacker school and that I am silly for not bowing to their academic gods from day one.

But really, I’m only a little bitter.

And it’s no big. Regardless of their snobbery (or lack thereof, depending on the school) God can get me in if I’m meant to be there.

But seriously. Reality check, people!


21 02 2008

I’ve just updated my “About” page.


A Quick Way to Feel Better About Life

21 02 2008

Honestly there are lots of ways to feel better quickly when you’ve got a bad case of the blues. However, my ways do not involve thinking of how much better off you are than the next guy. I’ve heard more than one person refer to comparison as cancer of the soul and I agree. It’s always destructive to one’s spirit.

 My ways are a little bit less fancy.

First way:
     All you have to do is pick the most frustrating/irritating person you know and repeatedly say out loud that you are thankful for them. Seriously! It works.

Second way:
      Do something that you don’t like doing to help someone out. When I wake up grumpy I do the dishes. It makes my mom smile and I feel like I’m contributing which makes me smile.

Third way:
     Get out of the house/building/cubicle and go for a walk. Throughout the walk leap wildly into the air, scream aloud or whistle off-key. Pet a dog. Play a game of pick-up frisbee or basketball.

Fourth way:
     Take a nap. Nothing does away with the grumps (which are often brought on by exhaustion and hunger) quicker than a nap followed by afternoon tea. This way is my favorite.

Fifth way:
    Call a friend and demand that they tell you a story. The ensuing “um…I….wha….?” is medicine for the funny bone.

Sixth way:
    Dance a jig. Or air-guitar. I’ve heard air-guitar is the new singing-into-a-hairbrush.

Have a big day!

A Conversation: After World’s End

20 02 2008

“Don’t lose me!”

“I’ve only just found you.”

“I know. I can’t see anything.”

“Neither can I, but I can feel your hand in mine.”

“Yes. It’s comforting, isn’t it?”

“Strangely so…”

“I wasn’t sure that there was anyone else in the whole world. It’s been so dark for so long.”

“I was sure I was alone. I’m glad we’ve found each other.”

“Yes. How did that happen?”

“Chance. Fate. Destiny. Who cares? The thing of it is, I don’t know where we are.”

“I’ve been here for a long time, but I couldn’t tell you.”

“You haven’t any idea?”

“Only that it’s dangerous and we have to be very careful.”

“Yes, but all places are dangerous. I want to know why this one is so, and where we should go from here.”

“We go forward.”

“Which was is forward?”

“This way, I think. Here, take my other hand and stand next to me.”


“Yes. That feels right. Now we will walk.”


“Not slowly, but not so fast that we stumble.”

“But how will we know when we get there?”

“Get where?”

“Wherever we’re going.”

“The same way we knew that we’d found each other. It will be there in front of us and we will go to meet it.”

“Shall I lead?”

“Please do.”

“I’ve not spoken to anyone since the world went dark. I think they’ve all died.”

“Yes I suppose they have. I do not remember much. It was light and then there was only blackness and cold winds.”

“Do you remember sunlight?”

“I remember warmth.”

“Do you remember family?”

“I remember smiles. All the faces have faded, but the smiles I remember.”

“I remember clover and the feel of rain on my face.”

“It hasn’t rained in ages.”

“No. But I remember how it felt.”

“It would be lovely to feel that again.”

“Nothing could be better.”

“Something might…”


“I’d like to see your face.”

“There hasn’t been any light for ages and ages. It’s not possible.”

“I know and it frightens me.”

“Here, hold my hands more tightly. I will not leave.”

“Do you promise?”

“I promise.”

The Magical Musings of Meghan

19 02 2008

My friend Jason wrote a blog post about politics today. You should read some of the comments. They’re enough to make you weep, laugh and pull your hair out all at the same time. I mention is because I was going to write something similarly deep and insightful but then I realized two things 1) I’m at work where frequent interruptions make deep and insightful nigh unto impossible and 2) I have NO idea what I would write about.

Therefore, I shall do what I am next-best at: rambling!

There are buds on the trees now. I noticed them through the fog of hard exercise as I was running home from the gym today. Moreover, there was actual fog making everything misty and Jane Austen-ish. I kept hoping Mr Darcy would come running out of an open garage, sweep me up into his arms and ask why I wasn’t wearing a corset. It didn’t happen, but it made for some good imagining.

I don’t think that people should be allowed to have more than one hideous lap-dog at a time. There were far too many people out walking little beasties of indescriminate colour and unidentifiable breed. Buy a real dog, why dontcha?!

I like it when the young folk are on break from school. There are far fewer people taking up machines and oxygen at the gym. Pet peeve- teenage boys who park it on a machine and watch TV for extended periods of time. Stop faking! I know you aren’t resting between sets!

I think children’s books are highly under-rated. Some of my favorite books in the world are, to this day, children’s books. The Secret Staircase, Ten in the Bed, My Dad the Magnificent. I want to someday have the world’s largest collection of children’s books.

If I could have any talent which I do not already possess it would be singing. I hang out with too many singers and it creates all kinds of songbird envy. Much of my time is spent repenting.

Why is “moist” such a gross word and “billet” such a great one?

I don’t really believe that Puff the Magic Dragon lived by the sea. Anything that fire-and-smoky would have a healthy fear of water!

And one last thing…

The frankle goes in front!