I am NOT sick!

18 02 2010

Hello everyone, Meghan here. I’m currently holding the sofa in our bonus room down by main force. For those of you who don’t speak Meghan that means “I’m laying on the couch”. I’m not sick but am fighting off any sickness with as much water as I can drink and vitamins. Lots of vitamins.

Basically I have a major pluggage of my sinuses. The kind that means you can’t even use a nasal saline rinse because there’s nowhere to “rinse” anything to. Hope that’s not TMI but at least now you know how to pray for me.

Other than that I’m living in a creative vortex. If I’m not playing piano or painting I’m drawing or writing. The only thing that impedes the flow is the fact that my brain is functioning sub-par these days. I think my sinus pressure is beginning to squish my brains. Poor brains.

So there you go. My life in three paragraphs. Story coming later today.


Testing, testing…

5 02 2010

As an exercise to check my brain power (I’ve been down with some sickness this week) I am going to write a story. The secondary goal of my exercise is to throw something together for NinjaEditor to critique. Yes, NinjaEditor has a name but I think of her as “NinjaEditor”, correctly capitalized and slightly deified in my mind. (No, not really deified. Her powers would extend at most to an ability to maintain beverage temperature with her mind or a few mind tricks similar to those emplowed by Jedi.)

The Ramilken Border
The Thin Red Line of Death

The Ramilken border moves frequently. Three years ago I thought no more of the phenomena than you probably do but that was before I was drafted. Now I consider the Border’s whimsical tendencies to be bordering on personal insult.

Aware as I am that our private Border issues are not the subject of multi-world discussion I find it hard to believe that there is a corner of the universe that has yet to hear our story. The whole blasted business consumes my life and affects the life of millions of our citizens. And yet, we are unique and known to be so. Bearing that in mind I will take the time to explain the Ramilken Border Problem to my less-persecuted audience.

On other worlds, I am told, border problems are the results of disputes over land. Often the area contested is in the middle of an area of bloody warfare. Apparently entire civilizations have wiped each other out over land. My culture considers the very idea of violence over land to be despicable. Our problem is of an entirely different nature. Read the rest of this entry »

A Frustrated Creative Force

2 02 2010

There are creative people in the world who’s creativity flows smoothly along well-ordered paths. They are the irrigation-system types, the people who have put serious time and energy into creating structure for their creativity to operate in. The great benefit of being an irrigation artist is that you KNOW that your creative pursuits are being amply watered.

I am not one of those types.

But never doubt me! I’m not knocking the structure of people who have schedules- who paint from 7am-noon then break for lunch after which they work on accumulating references and knowledge until dinner when they go back to painting until bedtime. These people are my heroes. Seriously. I would sew them all multi-coloured capes with my own ivory fingers if I could find these artists.

I aspire to being scheduled. I think it’s the best way to avert frustration and speed learning. You don’t grow in any skill unless you are consistent in doing it.

Frustration dies quickly in well-ordered environments, at least in my own life.

In other thoughts… I’ve got an amazing idea for a story or film. It’s greatest recommendation is that it’s a sci-fi movie with little to no special effects. You’d just need a tank of water and some waterproof prosthetics/makeup. My problem is that I feel like I “tell” instead of “show” when I write. It’s annoying and I’m not sure how to remedy it. Maybe I should ask NinjaEditor….

Also, I am taking piano lessons and LOVING it!