27 04 2007

Last night I went with a few friends and saw Edward Scissorhands the ballet. No it’s not a ballet with tutu’s and sparkly tiaras… it was  more like a play with music and no words.

Besides being the most stunningly choreographed and staged show that I have ever seen it was also the most engrossing. For those of you who have never seen Tim Burton’s movie, Edward Scissorhands is about a boy who is created with blades of scissors instead of hands. When his ‘father’ dies he wanders from his home and into a cookie-cutter suburban neighborhood. There he attempts to make a place for himself, becoming a talented shrub-trimmer and hair stylist and falling in love with one of the girls (Kim). However, not everyone will accept him and he is eventually chased out of the town and killed.

Parts of the show literally took my breath away. Read the rest of this entry »


Poetry: Purpose or Pastime?

26 04 2007

I have been reading Donald Miller’s book, Searching for God Knows What, lately. He talks about a time in his life when he memorized a lot of poetry, basically to meet girls. He goes on to say that you cannot read that much poetry without some of it sinking in. I got to wondering why exactly they made us read and analyze poetry in high school and what purpose poems really serve in this world. Read the rest of this entry »

Tap Dancing: Rhythm and…not

24 04 2007

So to make a longish story longer…

I am twenty years old and have yet to live away from home. Up until very recently (the last six months or so) this was not a problem. I like my parents. They aren’t psycho, I don’t have a curfew and I get to drive their cars. I like free food. I like having my own bathroom more. I like having a TV with a remote dedicated solely to myself MOST. Yes, I know, I am in slavery to the god of Dancing with the Stars. Mambo, anyone? Read the rest of this entry »

Struggles of the Heart

21 04 2007


I have recently learned both from books and from my sister’s life that it’s the hard things that are really worthwhile. Now, that is one of the least original statements ever made when taken at face value. This, however, goes far deeper. Read the rest of this entry »

Living a Life of Moments

19 04 2007

I have recently become a connoisseur of Moments (capitol “m”). 

Four days ago I was at work taking the recycling out. Our recycling is at the back of the theatre near the loading dock. (The loading dock is used when the tech people need to offload trucks full of sets or when the cast and crew need a smoking break.) As I passed the dock I noticed Dane sitting in the sun playing guitar. Dane is one of the leads in the current show and a really nice guy. I didn’t think too much of it… lots of people I know play guitar… but he started to sing just as my eye saw the light that was literally painting the scene. Somehow the music and the setting sun got all wrapped up in each other. I couldn’t tell if it was the light that was setting Tiger Mt on flame or if it was Dane’s voice. The shadows that played across his face; were they really shadows or something else entirely? It was a completely other-worldy experience and I was transfixed. Read the rest of this entry »

A Walk in the Rain

18 04 2007

So, I admit it, I got sucked into this whole blogging thing. My excuse is “everyone is doing it”. The REAL reason is… well… everyone is doing it. I’m sorry but the truth is usually lamer than fiction.

 On the upside, when I am off having my much-sought-after adventures next year, this will be a good way to keep everyone up to speed.

The “walking in the rain” comes from the fact that, after tap today I went for a walk in the rain. I figure since I was born and raised in Seattle and have gills instead of lungs, it would be appropriate. I know that, wherever I end up, it will have to be somewhere with lots and lots of rain. A rainforest would be perfect. A rainforest near an ocean would be better. A rainforest near an ocean with some kind of river and a house with a pool would be heaven indeed.

On a side note- how many people reading this know what a won-ton is?