An Apology

31 07 2007

To Jennifer

 Sorry you don’t have anything entertaining to read when you get to work today. I “dropped by” Children of Eden rehearsels tonight (after buying two swank new sketchbooks) and four hours later I’ve just gotten home. One of the dressers didn’t show up so I actually had to stay and be helpful.

Long and short of it…

There is nothing here that is:







worthy of discussion.

My apologies.

I’m working in the morning but I’ll be home at 12:30 our time. By then I should have something clever to say. Something, perhaps, about how the Enemy is not just interested in our physical destruction. He wants to steal who we are meant to be on this earth. I know, I’ve seen it happen.

Yes, there will have to be something about that….




5 responses

31 07 2007
Jennifer James

Whoah. It is crazy you would say that. I was crying over that exact thing last night. Perhaps I shall post and beat you to it.

31 07 2007

I think the more we talk about it the better. It’s foolish for us to think that teh devil is only interested in making us sin. Really, that’s just a by-product of him stealing our identities.

I’ll have more later. I have to go eat cereal and then go to work.


31 07 2007
Jennifer James

I like cereal sometimes. I also like work sometimes. Maybe I should bring cereal to work….

31 07 2007

I always wander around rehearsel with a box of cereal. Always. It’s my trademark.

Speaking of which… I need to stop by the store and pick up some Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops. Honey Nut Cheerios are the best but will not help you make friends. The small ones love sugar, you see.

31 07 2007
Jennifer James

I always liked corn pops. When I had mono and had to eat all the time, I took a whole box of corn pops into class, and cranberry juice. I rejoiced over being the only one allowed to eat, drink and go to the bathroom as often as I wanted.

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