November 20th Update

20 11 2007

Well it’s nearly Thanksgiving which, thanks to the heaps of North Americans down here, we are celebrating in proper style. I’ve purchased a turkey, a bottle of wine and a pound of butter and plan on parking it at Finau and Kristi’s house on Thursday to cook it. Graham is going to stuff the neck with sausage meat in what can only be some kind of British tradition.

I’ve updated the ‘Quote of the Week’ and ‘water’ pages, so feel free to check those out. Read the rest of this entry »


Tofu Who?!

16 10 2007

I’ve done it. I’ve joined the ranks of those who eat tofu.  Hear me out, though!

I’m doing the Aaron Walsh lifestyle, which involves eating six meals a day. BUT I’m doing it in combination with a Daniel fast, which means that I have to find creative ways to eat NOT meat and NOT dairy, six times a day.

It’s not easy.

And unfortunetly I’ve been reduced to eating vegetarian sausages made out of soy and tofu. Luckily they taste pretty good and have the texture of the hotdogs that they put in Spaghettios sometimes.

Mmmm…. spaghettios.

I have a list of foods that I want to eat when I go home. It’s pretty extensive. For example, I know exactly what I want to eat on my first night home. I know what I want for breakfast the next day too.

But that’s not the point and it’s very distracting just now. The point is that I eat tofu and I kind of enjoy it.

Maybe I should go live with the Carrs….