10 04 2011

The number of hours in one Terran day.

That one show I can’t watch because they never stop yelling and almost-dying and jumping off of things.

My new approximate age. Really I think it’s more like 24 years, 3 days and 34 minutes as I write this post.

I had a lovely birthday. Probably the best one in years. (Even if Jennifer was not able to swing it so that people at work sang to me.) Instead I got serenaded with my favorite song by my wonderful friends Lynn and Carina. If you’ve never heard Lynn and Carina sing Steve Miller Band’s “Dance Dance Dance” you have not yet lived.

Mom and Dad bought me a gorgeous dress from Anthropologie and my grandparents bought me another fun dress and the happiest green shirt I have ever seen. I went out to lunch with my extended family (except my little bro who got deserted in a lab at Microsoft and so was not able to come). My best friend sang me happy birthday in Dutch, my Jewish mom gave me some gorgeous bracelets and a chocolate and I finished the day eating Cheetos and chatting on facebook.

Aren’t you all glad that my tendency to stretch the bounds of the English language has not been affected by the aging process?

Since my birthday I have spent the majority of my time at work. This has been glorious for two reasons. First, I’m House Managing which is infinitely more entertaining than Lobby Attending and second, two words- tap dancing. For the last two days I’ve been foot-serenaded with tap dancing.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m b.e.a.t. For an introvert to spend most of every day interacting with people is intense, to say the least. I woke up this morning with a pounding headache and the deep desire to cry. Not for any particular reason, at least nothing that can be shared via the internet, but just because I’ve been “on” for three days straight. I’m looking forward to tomorrow because I will be able to go to karate and beat something up. If there’s no beating things up then there will AT LEAST be sweat. And, as we all know “the cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea”.

I’m liking 24 so far. There has been a definite shift in the “Hi I’m Meghan and I’m invisible” trend that I’ve been living with for the last four or five years. I feel a little as though someone has handed me a puppy, a lion, three oranges and a kite and said “juggle these and whistle while you do it”. It’s really a foreign world I’ve fallen into and I’m doing my damnedest to handle it all with grace and without selfishness. (It’s harder than you’d think to be unselfish with other people’s hearts).

24 is going to be fun.


Cover One Eye and REACH

29 07 2009

Today was an exceptionally busy, and record-breakingly WARM day. I spent the morning with my grandparents chatting, looking at my Grandpa’s HO scale model trains and talking about weddings. My grandmother has both her and my great aunt Ammie’s wedding dresses hanging in her closet. We pulled them out and they are exquisite. Almost breathtakingly lovely. She offered either of them to me when I get married (as well as the dress that my aunt and mother both wore).

What I would really like to do, though, is shorten my Grandma’s and wear it as my going-away dress. HER mother made it and it is cream and gold brocade. Beautiful. I wonder if she’d let me do that… My aunt Ammie’s was also beautiful but is a dark dusky rose color and FAR too short for me, I’m sure. It was cocktail length on her and I’ve got her beat by more than a few inches.

After that really pleasant visit I nannyed and took a trip to the Bellevue Regional Library. Either the weather has everyone cranky, the sun was blinding them or there was some kind of regional let’s-nearly-kill-Meghan-with-our-overpriced-vehicles-just-to-freak-her-out day. I got home with my vehicle, my sanity and my Pad Thai intact, though it was almost 7pm.

Far too late for dinner, btw.

(Oh and did I mention the 11 books I checked out for our beach trip…?)

At one point tonight I was sitting on our back porch just kind of staring out into space. My mom puts a bunch of potted plant arrangement on our back porch every summer, and this year she has a really cool one. For some reason I reached up and one of my eyes got covered for like a split second. I happened to be staring at the really amazing plant arrangments and the sudden loss of depth perception made the colors and composition POP. I put my hand back up and purposelly covered my eye for several long moments. I even tried to reach out and “grab” the plants.

I would love to make something really epic and deep out of the experience- to be honest if I could think of something deep I WOULD do just that. But really it was just a happy moment. In addition, it made me appreciate Dale Chihuly  just a little bit more. What a wonderful world he must live in- to create art without the usual limitations or benefits of depth perception. 

It made me want to paint. Which I did. At ten pm. While listening to really loud music. 

I also talked to my sister, texted with MCarr (which is how I picture his name in my mind), read my book, enjoyed the fact that the cleaners CLEANED MY ROOM AND MADE MY BED, and drank some fancy Italian lemon drink stuff. 

Now I’ve got the AC cranked up (down?) to 69 degrees in preparation for trying to sleep. Goodnight all. Much loves.

For Father

20 06 2009

For Marcus Smith

In Honor of His 25th Year as a Father

Some of the Many Reasons We Love Dad


Submitted by Jennifer

Submarines and houses made of boxes

 Telling us “just one more story”

 That time Jennifer ran over the bush and you made her put the sign on the yard that said “killed by a hit and run 16 year old”

Daddy daughter dates at Sonics games, where you bought us coke and cotton candy

When you were at work, you would always take time to talk to us when we called, no matter what you were doing

That time when we were little, and you made us scrambled eggs and put salsa on them, and we though it was gross and wouldn’t eat it, you remade our eggs.

The Smith Family Opera


Submitted by Meghan

You made us French Toast in the mornings

You let us have a series of pets with grandiose names, names you reduced to one syllable


Chasing us up the stairs while pretending that you weren’t trying to scare us

That you pray for us every day

Encouraging our dreams

 Not making us take out the trash

Dirty sock fights

Being generally funny

Making wise cracks in church

 Scratching Isabelle’s ear canals when I’m out of town

Scrubbing a toilet better than anyone on the planet

The dead fat lady story

That you and mom never yell at each other

That you’ve never yelled at us

Any of “your girls” crying makes you upset

 You taught us to love the Three Stooges

Popcorn and orange juice IS the perfect combination

 Buying us art supplies, dance lessons and many books

 Being proud of us, no matter what

 Taking us to the dog park with Gus

 Disciplining us when we needed it, even though it wasn’t fun

 The creaky-door sound that always preceded an entrance by CAPTAIN BARNACLE

 Captain Barnacle

 Minnesota Slim and his monkey, Sara

 Noticing when we get our hair done or are dressed up

 Your incredible generosity

My Dad The Magnificent made you cry

You used to teach school, which is pretty awesome

Now you keep your temper at work, which is even more awesome

You spread gravel

You raised excellent children

You raised excellent children who raised excellent parents


 You done good Dad and we couldn’t say “I Love You” or “Thank You” enough times to express our feelings.



On the Brain

9 06 2009

My heart (and schedule) are very full these days. 

Last Saturday was my first day back working at the theatre. Starting tomorrow I work there 7 shows a week for the next three weeks. The very thought makes me want to sigh. I’ve been there for three years and it’s never been as hard as it was last Saturday and Sunday. The entire atmosphere is emotionally draining, the more so because I actually want to be enjoying myself. My only theory (other than just plain old fashioned grumpiness) is that the Lord is helping me by making it VERY clear that this season is over. If only this season were over at the theatre too… I appreciate the money and they’ve decreased the length of my shifts and the HS is very kind so I’ll make it but phew! I wish it were July.  

The UP side of the whole work thing is that (for the very first time) I am able to wander around that building without entertaining the thought “if only I could sing like these people…”. Most of you won’t understand what an ENORMOUS thing that is in my life. I’ve always had this sneaking suspicion that I had something major missing from my list of skills because I didn’t have a Broadway-caliber voice. I flat out don’t care anymore, even if it is true, which of course its not. Read the rest of this entry »

Where is Jen when I need her?

16 03 2009

I hate packing.

It is my LEAST favorite part of travel. In fact, I dream of a day when I can just hire my sister to pack for me.

Have I mentioned that my sister is an amazing packer? She packed for me when I went to New Zealand and when I went to visit the Carrs in January. Now here I am, faced with an almost six week trip and there is no-one to pack for me! 

In an effort to stave off packing-related stress, I’ve been laying things I want to pack out on the spare-room bed. I don’t know if it will help me remember everything that I want to bring, but it sure has heck helped me out mentally.

At this point, I have packed all eighteen movies + two seasons of Star Trek Voyager, the jewelry that I think I will want and my shoes. Let’s face it, all the good movies in the world won’t help me if I don’t remember T-shirts and a hairbrush.

Oy. I’m in trouble.

I’m not good at this. I bring too much of what I won’t need and forget essentials. Not to mention I am going to look like a total goob because I have to take two enormous suit cases. I’ve just tonight discovered that my easel won’t fit into a small carry-on-type suitcase. I’m going to look like SUCH a blonde.

(And NO, I’m not vain in the least. Showing up with two ENORMOUS suitcases won’t embarrass me at all.)

Won’t someone please marry me and hire me a personal maid? Or at the very least, buy me some cardboard boxes and enough postage to mail my stuff everywhere?!

Can you tell that I’m a little stressed by all of this?

Cry in the Dark

15 02 2009

Oh God!

Here we go again.
It’s the place that I’m weakest.
       (And I know you don’t mind because you made me this way)

But it still hurts like heck
                And I don’t like pain.
                I admit it.

I don’t want to live in the future
               especially since the future doesn’t exist
I want to be present and available and joyful and obediant
I deeply desire to rejoice with those who rejoice

So help me ignore it
                 Or make it go away
                        Or teach me the lesson that needs learning
                         (And please teach fast!)

Cause I can’t do it even one more time
Not in my own strength, anyway

So it is FULLY up to You this time
       I’m just going to gaze at You

And You’ve got to make the rest of it work out.
I’m not even going to try.

Because, Kind Father, You know how tired my heart is.
So please carry it.
Small as it may be, it’s too big a burden for me now.

Adjustment and Expectation

8 01 2009

Well they’re here. The package has arrived. The stork has landed. The princess of redundant is being redundant. Aaron and Jen and Caden arrived last night pretty near the middle of the night. They were tired and Jen and Caden have pretty juicy colds but they’ve settled in well.

You might not know this about me but I live in a hermetically sealed environment. Very rarely does anything happen to disturb the utter tranquility of my scheduled existence. Thus when my extended family descends lock, stock and stroller I have a little trouble adjusting. Now, this isn’t a question of loving them or even of enjoying their presence. They are good times and I thoroughly enjoy having them around. But it does have an effect of my little life. Read the rest of this entry »