Thanks Guys!

29 09 2009

Who knew you could get presents just for heading out of town?! All my extra family has blessed me with material objects to carry along on my trip. I’ve got a rocking scarf, two pictures by my back-up sister Rachel and my brother James, cookies from Barry, lavender from Granny and Tom and a tea pot from Stacie.

Not to mention the AWESOME measuring cups and spoons from the Harris family. 

So thanks everyone! I am now equipped to be warm while drinking tea (which was carefully measured out), smelling lavender, looking at pretty pictures and eating delicious cookies. Thanks to my parents my face will be clean and my skin soft. 

It’s a really beautiful world. 


Though I’ve had minor freak-outs over the past days I AM excited about going. The excitement comes and goes as the vision comes and goes. Sometimes it’s foggy and all I see is separation-from-parents panic. At other times the skies clear and I remember sitting in hotel halls chatting with all these hysterical, kind and artistic people.

It’s ok to leave home. It’s ok to go away for short times and have adventures. It’s ok to sit on the beach and not worry about tomorrow. It’s ok to hold babies and watch movies and walk and snack and talk to people wiser than me. And it’s good to offer who I am and what I have to people that might need The Angel of Laughter or the crazy-organizer or the Ultimate Napping Champion. 

I will leave you with a quote from The Office (since it’s on the TV right now)…

“You are a real-life wedding crasher and I must bounce you.” 



Ah… THAT’S why!

27 09 2009

I had the best night at work, which is slightly ironic since it was my last night at work. That wonderful group of people down at Village Theatre blessed me so much. From my boss I recieved a bouquet of beautiful flowers, from the cast/crew/box office I received chocolate and quite the loveliest card. Combine those things with getting a free meal of crab cakes and french onion soup from the wonderful owner of the restaurant next door and you have a happy Meghan. THEN top all of THAT with one of my paintings being hung front and center in the aforementioned restaurant and I could just melt down and ooze out under the doors from pure love.

Plus there were hugs. Lots of hugs. Many hugs and well-wishes from the truly beautiful people that it has been my privilege to know. I tried to express my appreciation for all of them in the form of raisin/craisin bread and big smiles. I tried NOT to cry while reading my card. You can bet that thing is coming with me to NC. 

As I was driving home I was reflecting on why such simple expressions of affection would touch me so deeply. Then it hit me- it doesn’t often happen that I am on the receiving end of gestures of appreciation and love. Not because people are heartless and cruel or because I love better than other people, but because there are few lovers in the world. Rachel being the one great exception in my life. (I exclude family from this entirely, you guys love me great!) I just don’t think that many people sit around and think “I bet so-and-so would love if I did _____”. It makes me want to just run around blessing everyone I can get my hands on.

But in the meantime I am going to enjoy four years of faithful service in the form of nice notes, flowers and chocolate. 

Let me know if I can bless you1

A Thought From Vincent

22 09 2009

“There is the same difference in a person before and after he is in love as between an unlighted lamp and one that is burning. The lamp was there and it was a good lamp, but now it sheds light too, and that is its real function.” -Vincent Van Gogh

Training Day

18 09 2009

Tonight was my fourth night of work on “Chasing Nicolette”, the latest show at Village Theatre. Let me tell you, if you like funny and entertaining plays (especially when occasionally there is song and dance) you would LOVE this show. I’ve only heard it four times and I’m already singing the songs to myself when I wake up in the morning. 

Tonight was my second night training our new lobby attendant. He is an earnest perfectionist who, at the end of the evening, looked at me and said “you are so vibrant and energetic. It’s amazing!” The poor kid was tuckered out after a long week of school and a couple late nights at work. 🙂

I like Village, I like the people there, I’m sad to be leaving them during this particular show. Boring shows I leave gladly, good shows are a bit heart-wrenching if I miss part of the run. 

Last night I went to my first opening night party in Issaquah. I chatted it up with box office associates, carpenters, techies, reporters, actresses and everything in between. I drank water and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed myself. (It helped that my vintage backless blue silk dress was a big hit. I’m a sucker for a few decent compliments.) It was another night of strangers asking me if I am an actress and seeming shocked when I answer “no”. I’m about ready to become and actress just so I can stop having this conversation. I got some pictures with Ned (the wardrobe mistress) who was also wearing a vintage gown. She’s short and dark and I’m tall and fair and when one of the actors passed us he dubbed us Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly and the names stuck. (Such things happen when you have a restaurant full of tipsy theatre people.)

So tonight I shall go to bed singing either “If you won’t give me a lifetime/ my lifetime is now” or “there once was a man, old love, cold love/ and I will sing his song/ he fancied a maid with the fancy of youth/ and swore to love her life long, life long/ and swore to love her life long” or “Nicolette? Can you hear me?/ Can you hear me call your name?” Because that is part and parcel of this life I lead here in Issaquah.

 I’m preparing myself to say goodbye to VT and it’s bittersweet. 

Looking forward to new and better things.


16 09 2009

I forgot somewhere along the way why I love working at Village Theatre. It got lost in the swarms of little old ladies getting angry at me because the music was too loud, the cookies too pre-packaged, the sky too blue- whatever. Tonight I am proud to say I have remembered why it is that being a Lobby Attendant ROCKS.

Life advice from little old men. 


Today I had an old man ask me why I wasn’t married. (Don’t ask me how it came up, it would take too long to tell you.) My response was something silly, I’m sure. Then it happened- he fixed me with one slightly reddened eye and said “I had a baby by the time I was your age!! You better hurry, miss! You’re biological clock is ticking!” 

Oh NO you DIDN’T! 

I haven’t had to try that hard not to laugh in a really long time. In black and white it looks like it should have been super offensive but it really wasn’t. It was bizarrely nice…

The conversation was peppered with little strange-sounding but kind moments. Like when he found out that I was an artist, considered for a moment and told me that I’d “better find a rich fella”. Or when I jokingly told him about my two former proposals (yes, I have been proposed to twice by two different guys) and he got very sincere and said “No. You need the pick of the litter, and you’ll know. You’ll KNOW.”

He made it better by  following that up with “But you’re pretty, you’ll luck out. Or some guy will.” 

Seriously. I love my job.

My legs! My legs! My kingdom for new legs!

15 09 2009


That’s my one overwhelming feeling just now. I’m sitting on the couch with a heating pad on my chest and a hand-made blanket covering my poor, tired gams. (“Gams” is an archaic slang term for legs, just so ya know).  The heating pad is because it’s cold in the house and I’m not allowed to turn on the heat. I’m not allowed to turn on the heat because Dad hasn’t cleaned the filters yet and he wouldn’t like it if I did it for him. The blanket is for pure heart-comfort. Read the rest of this entry »

On the Brink

14 09 2009

I sit. I sat. I shall be sitting.

(And that is how NOT to begin a blog post. It has no hook, no zing, no pep. Blame the late hour because normally I am really very creative.)

I spent a really lovely couple of days on the Olympic Peninsula this past week visiting my best friend and her husband. They’ve just moved into a new house a few streets up from their last place. The greatest feature of said house is an extraordinary closet/tunnel between two of their rooms. I got to sleep at the top of a house surrounded by trees and buried beneath four (count ’em!) blankets. Oh happy day(s). 

One of the highlights of the trip was having coffee with Stacie’s mother in law- an extraordinary Dutch woman whose generosity is only exceeded by her bravery. Apparently it’s not just my father who gets repeatedly beaten up by “the church”. While the two cases are not the same, they certainly run along parallel lines. I won’t go into either story, as they aren’t my stories to go into, but I found it a wonderful time. Mrs Van de Weghe (the elder) has some really unique and thought-provoking wisdom to share about the role of women in the church and what the Lord really expects from women that is different than the expectations He has for men. For example, we talked about how the Bible tells women to cover their hair during prayer and prophecy. I wish I had her written notes on the subject, since she had studied it extensively and I never have, but it was very provoking. (In a good way.) Read the rest of this entry »