No Story Ends in Sadness

3 05 2011

Last Sunday I had the very rare pleasure of going to church on a Sunday. (Rare more that it was a ‘pleasure’ than rare in occurrence). My friend Matthew Wolfe has a home church at his place in Wallingford, “two doors down from Archie McPhees”. If you know anything about Seattle culture you can picture the awesomeness inherent in church twenty feet from the world’s best joke shop. Combine the fact that it was a sunny day and Rachel joined me on my adventure and you have the perfect morning.

Also, there was food.

I won’t go into a ton of detail about the service. Suffice it to say that I had a wonderful time and plan on making a habit out of it. One of the things we talked about, though, was sitting down with Jesus and asking Him to show you where He was in your moments of deepest pain. The idea being that we don’t know all of our own story and sometimes all we can see is the sadness and not the glory that was so close. My brain was going a thousand miles a minute- it’s been a pain-full couple of weeks- but my one observation was that “with Him, no story ends in tragedy”. The sadness, the pain, the disappointment and discouragement are just beginnings.

Granted, sometimes they are beginnings that we would gladly skip, but that’s not what the journey is about.

And, on the flip side of some serious disappointment and pain, I can honestly say that one lesson that I have learned is to hold people lightly. Of course, I have yet to learn how not to get frustrated when people repeat the old fashioned “it will all work out” platitude to me. If I didn’t know that it would all work out then I would have flown to New York and jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge before now. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, people, and telling the heartsick to be hopeful is decidedly unhelpful. You just have to let girls cry.

But I don’t live out of my pain. My joy is ten times more powerful and life, when all is said and done, is FUN.

Excuse me, I have karate to practice.