Feeling blue?

31 10 2007

Let me recomend a run just at sunrise. It’s pretty enough to keep you distracted from aching lungs and shins and cold enough to keep you alert.

Those of you in the northern hemisphere might want to wait for spring to attempt this. It’s bound to be a wee bit cold. The good news is that sunrise is later for you all so you’d get to sleep in.

I have a happy heart and feel oodles better than yesterday. May that always be said of each of us!


The Pressure’s on

31 10 2007

Or so my father says. He says that I have quite a readership (is that a word?) and that when your writing is enjoyable people expect you to write more.

Ack! Read the rest of this entry »

All About Dad, Part duex

30 10 2007

On his blog my dad was talking about a booklet that we made for him when we were little. In honor of our childish cuteness I shall herein write an updated version. This one’s for you, Daddy!

Dad’s favorite food is…Cocoa Puffs

His favorite toys are…The dog: An interactive toy!

He spends most of his time doing these things…Praying, reading

I think he likes to spend his time…Talking to his girls (and the boy who’s always around his oldest girl) and his wife

My Dad is very smart. He knows about…God

I really like my Dad because he is… a loving father

Once when I was sad, my Dad made me feel better by…dancing independantly!


30 10 2007

“I’m chasing sleep,” I told her, when she grabbed my wrist in her too-cold fingers and tried to hold me back. She pulled harder but I twisted free. It didn’t take more than an instant to choose which way to go. If I’d hesitated she would have caught me again. So I threw my body around, my dress catching between my knees, and took off down the street.

 My bare feet slapped the pavement with an uneven smacking noise. I hadn’t noticed till then that the pavement was wet.

Wet ground means rain. Sure enough when I turned my face upwards for an instant, my eyelids caught the falling drops.

I was wet. I hate being wet, I thought. My hair started sticking to my face. Long tendrils grew longer with moisture and turned into thin serpents on my face. I wonder if they will start hissing soon? Read the rest of this entry »

Driving, an elaboration

30 10 2007

Yesterday afternoon I realized that I had no way to get to the intern dinner. Usually the other intern in my house drives me, but she’s gone home for a week or so. I was in a pickle and no two ways about it.

After class the girls asked if I wanted to just go home with them. That would have been a ducky solution except for two things: one, my spirit doesn’t handle groups very easily right now and two, I needed groceries badly. When your meal choices are veggie noodles or potato, a Pack ‘n Save trip is vitally important.

On the way to Pack ‘n Save, while Nikki was driving, we came up with a brilliant plan. We would borrow Graham’s car and I would drop her off at the prayer room. I would then go to dinner and come back and pick her up afterwards. This meant that I WOULD BE DRIVING. *Pause for gasps of shock* I loved this plan, though I was a little afriad at first. Read the rest of this entry »


29 10 2007

That title demanded a capital-letters attack.

That’s right, all you loyal blog-readers. I drove. In NZ. IN A BMW!

Expect to hear more about this very soon. For now, it’s bedtime

Compare and Contrast

29 10 2007

Remember those hideous assignments in high school English where you had to compare and contrast two things? I absolutely hated them. However, being a die-hard academic nowadays, I don’t mind doing that hated assignment outside of school.

So I offer you a comparison of NZ life to life in the US

NZ- “How ya goin'”                                  US- “Hi”

NZ- Kumera                                              US- Sweet Potato
         Sausage                                                     Hot dog
        Chicken Stock                                            Chicken Broth
        Regular milk                                               whole milk
        Pavlova                                                        Meringue

NZ- “shocking”                                            US- “What the heck?!”
        “I reckon”                                                      “I think”
         “Oz”                                                               “Australia”
         “Avo”                                                             “Avocado” or “afternoon”
         “hey?”                                                           “?” (untranslateable)

NZ- Full-on shockingly 80’s                      US- Whatever Hollywood says is

Hair cuts- (See above, add ‘mullets’ under NZ)

NZ- Hideously expensive                                US-expensive

That’s a pretty good idea of the whole thing. Let me know if I left anything out