Best. Video. Ever.

27 01 2009

You HAVE to watch this video if you are at all fond of Star Wars. I tried to embed the video but had neither the leisure nor the patience to do so. So just follow the link and enjoy!


Learning, anyone?

26 01 2009

I have a blog that I really enjoy reading. It is the only blog that I consistently check that is not written by someone I know in “real life”. Allow me to introduce you to Seven Angels, Four Kids, One Family. As someone who sees angels, loves families and has a decidedly excellent sense of humour (modesty too) this blog is a kick in the pants.

The latest entry challenges the readers to decide which class that they would like to take “just for fun”. I agree that when you stop learning you start dying and one of my deepest desires is to be back in school. Therefore, I cannot possibly pick just one class! Allow me to detail a few…

Underwater basket weaving: My family has used this class to make fun of the established academic system for as long as I can remember. All jokes aside, there has to be a good amount of exercise and skill-level involved. Would I need my scuba certification too…?

Any Political Science Class: I have a friend who is a poly-sci major. He is a very intelligent and kind person who admits that Poly-Sci is almost entirely a joke. Therefore I would like to sit in the back of a HUGE poly-sci class and spend all my time shouting down the professor. Plus, the subject matter would give me weeks worth of blog fodder.

Drawing Technique: I’ve been drawing my whole life but have never had a really solid class in technique. I think that it would fill in the holes in my abilities and help me “fulfill my potential”.

Math: I want my degree in mathematics. Since Calc II almost kicked my butt, this will not be my focus when I go back to school this time. I want eventually to return to college and get a masters in mathematics so that I can teach it. But that is for later in life, for now I’d be satistfied with a few more classes.

Astro-Physics: I’ve taken Astronomy (loved it) and I’ve taken Physics (loved it) now I want to combine the two and really dig in deep.

Piano: I want proper piano lessons from someone who will kick me into shape! No offense to my current teacher but I think a more strategic learning process would be helpful.

I have a dozen others that I can think of. Since I can’t take college classes, though, I am attempting to teach myself at home. Right now it’s French history, Calculus and ink drawing techniques.

And that’s about all that I have time for, my ride is leaving and I have no desire to walk home again in the 15 degree weather.


24 01 2009

I’ve decided NOT to abandon mistoverthewater anymore.  I’ve got some poetry to post over there and I’m going to be better about putting new art up a couple of times per week. Who knows… I might even let you all read a serialized version of my book!

Chatham IL

24 01 2009

We made it.

Not that I am suprised, the focus with which this family approaches road trips is almost frightening.

On Thursday morning I helped Timothy load the van and trailer with our assorted instruments, suitcases, canvases and foodstuffs. With a trailer it’s almost an easy deal. The girls took over the back seat of the van and I ensconced myself window-side in one of the captain’s chairs. A trip to Starbucks served the additional purpose of a meeting-place so that we could say goodbye to Pastor Tim. He informed me that his secretary has absconded the painting and placed it over her desk until a ‘better’ place can be found. I hope it rocks her world! Read the rest of this entry »

The Road Trip to End All Road Trips

22 01 2009

We are leaving today for the two-day drive back to Springfield, Il. Part of me is super excited (the part that loves long leisure hours and large vans) and part is not looking forward to it at all. (That’s the part that hates packing and fast food).

Anyway, it’s been a really fun trip. The Atlantic is beautiful and I got to see porpoises and a dead pelican. Good people, good music and a lot of honey nut cheerios.

I miss home and my cat but life on the road is certainly an adventure.

Love to you all. It will be a while before I’m able to update again- no internet on the road and the Carr’s don’t have internet at their house. I’ll have to go to the library a couple blocks from their house to do anything internetish.

Loves loves loves to you all.

The Painting

21 01 2009

I just got the e-mail from Michael… Here’s the painting from Sunday night. p1030222

It Must Be the Jubilee

20 01 2009

It hasn’t snowed in NC for seven years and I am sitting in the “sun room” of the “beach house” watching it snow like crazy. I thought that I came here for sun and warmth and to get away from the depressing winter-like conditions that plague our northern reaches. LAME.

I’ve left this post for a few hours. We watched the inaugaration and went to Red Robin for lunch. By “we” I mean Andrea, Jadon, Michael, Tess, Rachel and myself; all the kids on the trip. Timothy was at home watching the weather channel and praying for the snow to stop and the surf to rise. He and Jadon are pretty desperate to get out in the water. Even they won’t brave the 32 degree weather and driving snow, though. Read the rest of this entry »