These are a few of my favorite things…

20 07 2007

 I’ve been wandering around these past few days I’ve been thinking about the home-ish things that I really really enjoy. Not the people, mind, but the things. (I’m sure there is something biblical about not loving things but I just can’t help it.)


The Sweatshirt-

I stole this sweatshirt from my best friend from high school, Jake Stillwell. Dad occasionally refers to me as “Stillwell” because I wear it around so much. In fact, I’m wearing it right now. I usually nap in it because the hood is big enough to pull completely over my face.



They are actually men’s socks purchased by the cart-load at Costco. They must be made of pygmy yak hair or something because they are incredibly soft. I wear them around the house and occasionally to sleep in.


The Bookshelf

Alphabetized by author… gloriously aesthetic. My favorite piece of furniture in the whole house.



A life-size standup of Legolas that my sister bought for me one Christmas. Be careful what you wish for, children. I told her to bring me home a boy and she did! Granted, he’s only 1/4″ taller than me and he doesn’t say much but what can you do? I’m still trying to figure out how to get him to NZ with me…




3 responses

20 07 2007
Jennifer James

MEGHAN! I will totally adopt any books you don’t want to take with you to NZ. They can live on my bookshelf, alphabetized by author, until you get home! I like the hat Legolas is wearing. You forgot to mention the Morse shirt I stole from Joel and you stole from me!
I wish I could sleep in socks, but I hate it when my feet get hot. Then I get crabby….

Things I miss from home: my family! cable tv, pets (but not picking up after them, picking up after a husband is bad enough…)

You should have seen me get that legolas in my tiny car! It was fun…. Luckily he folded up for easy transportation..

20 07 2007

I DID forget the Morse shirt, which is sad because it’s sitting on my bathroom shelf waiting for me.

I’m reading a really good book right now, (well, it’s good so far) called “The Woman in White”. It goes well with my “Oxford History of NZ” that I’m still slogging through.

Oh, before I forget… can I perhaps offer to trade you those books for your travel-sized Hugoo? I can’t really reconcile myself to taking my full-sized one on the plane. I don’t want to discomfit any fellow travelers.

Sending off my Visa application today. Pray hard!

20 07 2007
Jennifer James

I shall bring travel sized huggoo for you! If that means we do an even trade, adn you don’t hide any of my clothes from me when I am packing, so that you can “borrow” them.

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