NOW I’m Excited

26 07 2007

So this morning I was having a lot of trouble getting my carcass-larcass out of bed. I reset my alarm, hit snooze, even used my fancy sleep mask to block out the light. It got to be about 9:40 and the cat figured out how to open my door. It may be hard to sleep with an alarm going off and light in your eyes but it is downright impossible with a squawling cat standing on your head.

So I got up.

Now, I have known since yesterday evening that my package from the NZ Consulate-General was on its’ way. The first thing I did when I woke up was to check the FedEx website and see its’ status. “7:11 am- On truck for delivery.” Two minutes later (no joke) I see the FedEx truck pull up outside my house.

I did what every red-blooded American girl who hadn’t brushed her hair and was wearing her gym shirt from 7th grade would do- I hovered. I did NOT, go out to meet the guy. I should have, because I was quite literally bouncing on my toes, but I did not.

So, the doorbell rang and I wrenched it open with enthusiasm that is positively indecent this early in the morning. All that avoid-being-seen-in-scary-clothes was for naught because the poor guy hadn’t even made it down the drive.

“It’s there on the porch!” He said with a big grin.

“Thank you!” I exclaimed, waving with great energy. What I was thinking was if you only knew how close you are to getting the biggest hug of your life right now I think it would scare you daft.

I went back inside, ripped open the FedEx envelope in one swift movement and pulled out The Envelope. (Yes, it MUST be in capitals.)

Allow me to digress briefly. I take governmental affairs very seriously, as does, I’m sure, the government. Bureaucracy may suck, but it’s a fact of life and we just have to deal. Now, I didn’t know of any good reason for New Zealand to forbid me entrance to their country, but I didn’t know any good reason for them to let me in either. Who knows what whims these people will take? Hence, in the back of my mind, I allowed for the possibility that they would say “Sorry girl but no go.”

You can then, understand my feelings on reciept of The Envelope. (It’s a very nice Envelope. All pretty letterhead and such, though sealed with scotch tape…) In it was my passport.

First thought: Thank goodness its’ back. I don’t like it being so far away.

Second thought: Holy Pete I hope there’s a Visa in this puppy.

There was.

It’s very fancy, and whoever wrote it has excellent handwriting.

It may seem silly but I couldn’t really get pumped about this whole thing before today. I mean, it was exciting, but it was still only an IF. Now it’s a “Your gov’t says I may and my gov’t doesn’t give a flying rat’s rear. Hooray!”

Hooray indeed.




7 responses

26 07 2007
Jennifer James

hoooray! I have read this to my co-workers, who also say HOORAY!


26 07 2007

Yes. Quite.


26 07 2007
Jennifer James

I can’t wait for my first letter. ooooh! International postage!

27 07 2007

So what kind of Wallpaper did you have when you got the letter?

28 07 2007

It was blue with yellow birds on it. Not true blue, mind you. (Hey that rhymed) but the really pretty royal indigo colour. The birds had fancy tales.

There might also have been some tree branches on it.

30 07 2007
Aaron James

I love your definition of “this early in the morning.” I’d been awake for nearly seven hours before this little escapade.

Congrads little sis!

30 07 2007
Jennifer James

Hah. We wake up way too early though. And go to bed too early. On Saturday we had lunch at 10:30 in the morning.

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