Back to the whole name thing…

12 11 2007

In my last post I mentioned that I want to name my children after LOTR characters/actors. Now, I feel I should address this in further depth because I don’t want to scare people. I shall give you some examples.

Karl Urban- played Eomer. (Long blonde hair loves horses. That guy.) I love the name ‘Karl’. Always have. Karl means warrior.

Miranda Otto- played Eowyin (long blonde hair, kills witch king. That girl.) Miranda has to be one of the prettiest names ever. Derived from Latin ‘mirandus’ it means ‘admirable’ or ‘wonderful’.

Dominic Monaghan- Played ‘Merry’. (short guy with furry feet, gets almost crushed by the Ent). I love Dominic for two reasons: one, it means ‘of the Lord’; and two, you can shorten it to ‘Nick’ if the kid doesn’t like his name.

Theodred- Son of Theoden, gets killed in The Two Towers. Mostly I love this one because it’s super out-there, but can be shortened to ‘Theo’ or you can give the kid a ‘J’ middle name and call him ‘TJ’. Plus, if you pretend that his name is really ‘Theodore’ it means ‘gift of God’.

See? I’m not crazy. I’m not even that out there. Just find me a man who agrees with all of this and wants five sons and we’re golden.

(That was a joke, Dad.)


Wellington, Day Six Viggo Mortenson and River Anduin

20 10 2007

Before you get all excited, no, we didn’t actually meet Viggo Mortenson (who will hereafter be referred to as VM). He was, however, our first topic of conversation.

Apparently VM stayed in one hotel for the entire 18 months that he was in NZ. He didn’t want a flat because then he would have had too much room. -The woman who cleaned his room rode the tour once and Jack pumped her for information.- He was very tidy and often he woudl have cleaned his room before the amids even got there. Not that it was much of a room to clean. he had asked for the smallest room in the place and it was little more than a glorified broom cupboard. He tipped well if the maids did a good job and he almost never had people over. I’ve heard him say that he wanted to ‘feel likeĀ a ranger’ and a ranger would NOT throw wild parties. Makes it hard to range with all those people asking for more gerkins.

We also discussed Liv Tyler who “you never hear anything but lovely things” about. What an incredible legacy! Read the rest of this entry »