30 06 2007

 Sean wrote an open-ended post asking what strength really is. Feeling inspired, and finally having some free time, I shall attempt to thrash out this all important question.
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So I Wrote a Poem…

20 06 2007

Back in the BCC days I used to sit in the quad beneath these super cool trees and write in my journal. What makes this odd is that I mostly did it in the autumn and winter when all sane people were in the Student Union. So I wrote this poem one day. I won’t say it’s good but I enjoyed the process. I found it and reworked it and, since Jen demands posts, I will share it with you all. Read the rest of this entry »


13 06 2007

Post 2 of the day. For Jen.

Song lyrics that make me cry because I will be leaving my family for the great unknown any day now.

“And I never want to let you down
Forgive me if I slip away
When all that I’ve known is lost and found
I promise you I, I’ll come back to you one day” -February Song, Josh Groban

Now I have moved and I’ve kept on moving
Proved the points that I needed proving
Lost the friends that I needed losing
Found others on the way
I have kissed the fellas and left them crying
Stolen dreams, yes, there’s no denying
I have traveled hard, sometimes with conscience flying
Somewhere with the wind

Now I’m sitting here before the fire
The empty room, the forest choir
The flames have cooled, don’t get any higher
They’ve withered, now they’ve gone
But I’m steady thinking, my way is clear
And I know what I will do tomorrow
When hands have shaken, the kisses float
Then I will disappear” – Caledonia, Celtic Woman

“To this place where I last saw you
I’ve returned a thousand times
A thousand tears have fallen
A thousand dreams have died
But I believe the day is dawning
I’ll see you coming down the road” -Return to Me, Jason Upton

The great unknown is getting a little bit bigger and a little bit scarier every day. Luckily, I’m getting a little bit braver at the same time. For the rest of you math geeks, my fear and my courage are inversely proportional. (Directly inversely proportional, actually.)

Unaccustomed to Quiet

13 06 2007

Today I have almost nothing to do.

And it’s kind of freaking me out.

I used to be the person who hardly ever left home. I never had a curfew because my parents knew that I would be back and in bed by 11 no matter what was going on. Nowadays I have two jobs and multitudes of night-owl friends. I was in bed last night at midnight and asleep by one. I got to sleep in until 9:30 and now I am unsure what to do with my day.

Quiet time with the Lord?! What? What is that?

But I think that it is a good idea nevertheless. My sister requested that I blog five times a day. That seems slightly excessive but because I love her I shall endeavor to grant her request. I beg indulgence from the rest of my readers (Hey Aaron!) as most of these posts will probably be silly.

I leave you with this thought.

“Once you accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing, wearing stripes with plaids becomes easy.” -Albert Einstien

Pretty Clothes and Sentiment

13 06 2007

I just got home from seeing West Side Story again. This time with my dear friend Kelsey Kay and other dear friend Linnea.  Because I worked literally all day today, I hadn’t eaten much in the way of food. (Half a mozzerella and hollendaise sandwich doesn’t count. Nor does a tall nonfat black and white hot chocolate.) So instead of changing out of my fancy clothes, I put on a bright red apron over them and ate half a container of broiled potatoes. There is a lack of meat in my life right now so potoatoes are the new steak.

While my sister may have worn fancy shoes to the symphony (and they are lovely btw) I triumphantly wore a J.Crew dress that is a size too small. So the not-eating thing was probably good because there is nothing worse than a corpulent theatre patron. Unless they happen to be both corpulent and rich, we in the arts like those people.

All this to say that I sat down tonight and read my sister and bro-in-law’s blog and got a little misty. Jen was wandering the city street corners in fancy clothes too! It made me sad that we were removed two days in time and 2000 miles in space from each other. We would have looked so lovely together!

Not that Kelsey and ‘Nea and I didn’t look awesome. Trust those two girls to show up dressed to perfection. I kept turning to look at them because they were so pretty.

Oh and for those who follow along with this blog I DID manage to get John’s coat to him. FINALLY. I got the following text at intermission “I got your package! THANK YOU! You are the sweetest : ) “.

I love to make people happy.

OH! Big news. If you’ve REALLY followed along you know that I’ve been taking tap lessons. Well I have two exciting developments to report. First, my tap teacher suggested that I go up to B.C. for the Vancouver Tap Festival and do a tap-intensive. This translates to ‘you don’t totally suck and could learn alot there’. Second, a very dear man named Casey Craig has agreed to give me tap lessons over the summer. We’ve just got to figure out where. He’s a duck and I love him for it.

But mostly tonight I am loving two things.

Feeling like ‘theatre Barbie’ in my swanky new dress.

My KC family. Miss you guys!

Next time, if the cat stays out of the sink and the socks don’t run away with the doormat I’ll tell you about swing dancing in Seattle….

One Night With the King

9 06 2007

(Talking about the story of David and Goliath)

“Do you know what my favorite part of that story is? It is that David’s victory came not because he fought well, but because he believed well.”


We are often told to ‘fight the good fight’ but how often are we reminded to ‘believe well’? Esther was almost certainly going to die (you don’t mess around with kings) but she believed enough to attempt to save her people.

Maybe if I could stop beating myself up about my failures, and fix my eyes on the Father, I would have Victory. Hey, it worked for Esther.


6 06 2007

Pronounced safrouch like “couch” with a “suh” in front of it and a “fr” in it’s middle. “suhfrouch”. Short for Saunter-Frolic-Crouch.

 Ariel Johnson and I decided that we needed to go for a jog today. When she arrived at our meeting point I was sitting on the sidewalk, leaning against a lightpost with my feet stretched straight out in front of me. I think I might actually have fallen slightly asleep. Needless to say our jog rapidly devolved into a saunter.

So we sauntered along, talking about women’s rights vs feminism and how annoying male-bashing is. We decided to walk around Beaver Lake (it’s about a mile from my house and the road has no shoulder, just trees and the occasional ditch). Right in the middle of a sentence I heard a car and screeched out “ARIEL CROUCH!” while simultaneously leaping straight up and sideways like a mountain goat.  I landed behind a glacially deposited boulder that is literally big enough to crush a semi truck. As the car drove by I looked at Ariel, kneeling in the pine needles and we both grinned at each other. (Let me point out at this juncture that Ariel is almost seventeen and I am most definitly twenty years old. Just picture it.)

We resumed our walk with all the calm dignity of our many years. That is, until ANOTHER car came by. I paniced and dashed up into the clear space by the road going “frolic! Quickly!” Ariel dissolved into hopeless giggles and goes “I’m so glad you frolic with hands outstretched. It’s the only proper way to frolic.”

I’m not making this stuff up, folks.

To top it off we wandered through the pathless meadow/woodland for about ten minutes. We passed a bush that has super long reed-like leaves. Pulling a few we wandered on, gesturing grandly with our weeds. I felt like Edwardfoliagehands. Eventually the reeds started to get bent at the ends. Ariel puts hers up on either side of her head, looks at me with deadly calm and says “A bug’s life”. I place mine up with equal gravity and say “Star Trek. Meep meep beepy bleep”.

This was my day.

Welcome to Meghan’s House of Crazy. Visitors are advised that you can check out but you can never leave.