Photos ala Nikki

1 12 2007

HERE is a link to one of my roomie’s flickr accounts. If you want to see some great pics from NZ this is the place to go.

Dad- I know you don’t like clicking links but this one is worth it.

I spent 2.5 hours tonight working on Badger’s tattoo designs and Nikki took pics and is going to put them on her account. Ya’ll should check it out and see my wicked tatt skillz.


Another apology

23 10 2007

Sorry guys but when the Holy Spirit is moving there isn’t always time for blogging. A short list of the past 24 hour’s events will have to suffice.

Last night- spent three and a half hours on the floor interceding for Israel, the Maori and my destiny (Ask me about the angels sometime)

This morning- Overslept then spent three hours caring for my flatmates as they lay on the floor interceding for Dennis’ family and the nations

This afternoon- Went to class and was wonderfully challenged and blessed

Later this afternoon- went for a long walk with my ipod and the Lord

Evening- Ate chips (fries) and broccoli and went to the hotpools

Slightly later- discovered hot pools were closed, got hit with the Holy Spirit and went home to shower and pray

Just now- Got prophecied over by one of my flatmates, wept copiously, sent and e-mail and am now typing this.

You will understand my lack of proper updates, then.