Merry Christmas!

25 12 2008

I am feeling to overwhelmingly blessed today. My generous family has been really extraordinarly kind.

I am sitting here on my couch with the cat sleeping near my right elbow. I’ve had meals, snacks, cookies, presents, and some really good moments with Jesus. Who could ask more from a holiday?

I owe you all a catch-up on my life kind of post. Do not fear, I am fully aware and will write something up soon.

Tomorrow is a trip to Barnes and Noble and work in the evening.


Three down Three to Go

17 12 2008

Of the six people who have been life-long friends and to whom I feel a certain responsibility toward, three are now married! Jen, Kesley and Stacie have all officially tied the knot. Now I have to get Zane, Erin and Jake married and I can RELAX. The good news is I will have nothing to do with the preperations for either Jake or Zane’s weddings. So really, it’s more like three down one to go!

I am so relaxed I could pass right out.

I had an awesome time at Stacie’s wedding. All 48 hours of it. I got to sleep over at the Shockley’s because I was too tired to drive home and that in itself was a very fun blessing. I love that family and their pug dogs.

The church got decorated, the bride was gorgeous, the reception came off without a hitch and I was blessed to be a part of it. Actually, I had so much help converting the sanctuary into the reception hall that we got the whole thing done in SIX MINUTES. The church’s wedding coordinators were hugely impressed. If you are interested there are a lot of pictures on facebook. Read the rest of this entry »