Wellington, Day Two

13 10 2007

I woke up at around 8.20, then laid in bed reading Clive Cussler’s Dragon until the other girls were ready to get out of bed at around ten o’clock.

We dressed, gathered our bibles and headed out to find a cafe for breakfast and devo. (That’s ‘devotional’ to you non-HOPers)

Eventually we decided on Wholly Bagels but you already know about that bit. Then we were off for Cuba street and shopping.

We’d been told that the best shopping was on Cuba Street. We consulted our plethra of Wellington street maps and figured out where we were going. (Down Courtney until it turns into Dixon then a left or a right onto Cuba street.) After a spring spent practically living in downtown Seattle I have the most street smarts (frightening thought!) so I have become the chief navigator. So far I’m doing ok, though it was Alana who found the street  which Wholly Bagels is on (Tory).

The first stop was a store called Glassons and it was fantastic. It was once said that New Zealand is in a perpetual state of wanting to be in the 80’s. Unfortunatly, that’s a fairly accurate summation of NZ fashion. However, Glassons has some really great not-too-expensive stuff. I got a long black cardigan, a black and gray striped headband and a gray strapless tunic. All of which will be great for work when I get home!

After Glassons we pretty much just wandered. I tried on some skinny jeans and bought coloured pencils and paper from the $2 shop.

The only other thing of real note was this guy sitting on the sidewalk playing his guitar. I had seen him when we were walking up Cuba St and Becca and I saw him again while Alana was making a call. Something about him struck me so I walked over and put a dollar in his case. “It’s lovely”, I said. He looked up at me, matted long hair hanging in his face, his hands plucking a tune, and smiled. It was the purest, most genuine smile that I’ve ever seen in my life. As I turned to walk away I felt tears hotly pricking the corners of my eyes. This person was beautiful, and somehow true in a way that I’ve rarely experienced. Amazing.

We shopped for a few hours then stopped at a cafe where Becca got fruit salad and Alana got pancakes.

Then back to the hostel for a quick nap. Alana called her mum to wish her happy birthday (Happy birthday Alana’s mum!). We decided to try and conserve money for movies and snacks so we got rock melon, spinach, juice, sandwiches and carrots from New World for dinner.

After dinner we had time for some journaling and music listening before heading off to the movies. Becca chose Nanny Diaires and we got popcorn and soda. The girls got ice cream, but I did not. (Though I did enjoy watching them eating theirs!)

I didn’t much enjoy the movie, but I didn’t hate it either. Scarlett Johansen is endearing but the plot was thin and the romance was a perpetual afterthought. The best part of the movie was Alicia Keys as the best friend. (So pretty!)

The only problem with hostel life became apparent upon our return to the hostel- trying to be quiet while three people sleep and you’ve no idea where your PJ’s are.

Such is life.

More later!

P.S. Nanny Diaries was also where we met Victoria and Amy, two lovely girls from Scotland who will figure largely in the rest on my narrative.

And now, to bed!