Meghan-nomics, Morning Mood and Mission Impossible

20 03 2010

Here’s the thing about blogging. I am that special kind of blogger who only blogs when they have things to say. Somewhere along the line I’ve become persuaded that my daily life is not interesting enough to be blogged. (The preceding is an example of how to overuse the term “blog”.) But that is not a fair assessment since even the simplest day has at least one good story in it.

For example, during our current show there are several of what are called “house entrances”. Basically that means that the actors enter through the “house” or seating area. Well, to get to the door they need to get to they have to pass the green room where I work making coffee and cleaning up. I have now been run over twice by 6′ tall women in HUGE Marie Antoinette-style dresses. Not to mention the lead actor, whose character at one point is supposedly dead, has a running joke with me where he enters the green room singing loudly and I snidely remark that he sings awfully well for a dead guy. It’s pretty lame but by 9:30pm somehow it ends up funny.

So you see? My life is consistently vaguely interesting. 🙂

It’s almost finals week at the local college which means I’ve been working like a crazy person this past week. Between opening a new show, five tutoring students and trying to get my show together it’s been a busy couple of days. Speaking of my show…

Today I’m going to have a chat with the fellow in charge of installing my art in the restaurant. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

My evening will be spent watching four children under the age of ten and encouraging them not to kill one another and to go to bed early. After which I will eat pretzels and enjoy the fact that I am making money by preventing death and maiming.

The “Morning Mood” of the title is a piano piece that I am working on, it’s a beginning-student arrangement of the melody from the “Peere Gynt Suite”. In my mind I pronounce it as “The Peter Git Suite”. Much funnier that way. My favorite part of piano is theory. Partly because I’m such a beginner and it all hits my brain with the cerebral equivalent of heavy stones in still water.

I really did want to tell my hospital story here… at least, extracts of the same, but I’ve run out of time since eating and dressing must happen before I head off to work and that deadline approacheth swiftly.

Note- My writing style will improve when I’m not trying to do a million things at once.