Things I Liked About Today

26 02 2009

It rained.

It snowed.

I didn’t have to go to work. One of my “kids” is sick, poor thing.

I took my boots back.

I talked to Erin for like 2.5 minutes.

A saleswoman tried to sell me a $275 pair of Gucci sunglasses. It is an ugly mug that needs $275 sunglasses to make it look good and NOTHING made of plastic should cost that much.

Witty banter with the salesgirls at BP.

Eating an Auntie Anne’s pretzel while driving through rain on the freeway.


Wearing my red and black polka-dotted swing dancing dress to work. Many compliments which I am vain enough (and girl enough) to really enjoy.

Two hours worth of solid work on my book. We’re nearing the end!

Work was very low-key and pleasant. I drank hot chocolate with a little coffee in it.

Listening to my “secular song of the moment” by Missy Higgins called “Where I stood”.

Watching the snow fall in the street lamp ‘s mylight as I left work.

The cat sitting on my lap in front of the space heater.

Watching Frasier and while typing this up.

Shopping for sneakers. I haven’t shopped for sneakers since high school. This is a task too large for me. I need a super shopper to help!

Texting with Gill. Always happy and today I got to be helpful!

Dinner. Dinner was really good.

The fact that I get to go to bed really soon.



25 02 2009

I’ve updated my “Quotes” page with quotes from one of my favorite plays, Cyrano de Bergerac.

The first is a quote about noses which I, a lover of noses, think is just about the funnest quote ever.

The second is one which strikes my heart as beautiful.

My Dream House

25 02 2009

This is a blog response to Seven Angels, Four Children, One Family.  She’s asked us to describe the mansion we would like in heaven. I am going to deviate slightly and describe the home I would love to have on earth someday.

There are a few generalities about my dream home. The first is that it would be near a wildlife preserve so that there would be a forest for me to wander in. The second is that I’d like some kind of water on the property whether it be a stream, a pond, a lake or the ocean nearby. The third is that it would be a house made my someone who loves what they do. You can tell the houses that were made with love…

On to specifics.

I want a craftsman style home with big windows and copper drainpipes. It will have a porch suitable for sitting on with friends, and a screened in porch in the back so my kids can sleep “outside” in the summer.

Inside, the house will be full of books. Every room will have shelves or a bookcase or an end table crammed full of books. The living room and kitchen will the be the central focus of the house with the bedrooms and other rooms radiating off of it. Read the rest of this entry »

All For Love For Real

24 02 2009

So here’s the deal.

God is not a solution to your problems. Becoming a Christian and convincing other people to become Christians will not make the world a better place. All the Bible studies, church luncheons, youth groups, Sunday mornings and good intentions in the world will not change one heart.

But Love in the form of a God of Glory WILL.

Seriously. When we become so enamored of our Saviour that the only thing we see when we look around us is HIM- that’s the day that things will change.

Everything flows out of a heart overflowing with Love. You don’t become a Christian to cure world hunger, you feed the poor in your city because you can’t help it. You have to serve as an expression of the overflow of your heart.

If we could all wrap our heads around this concept we might spend more time at the feet of our Jesus and less time trying to work out how to make everything better.

I’m just saying.


21 02 2009

I almost posted an excerpt of my book here. You all came SO close to being the first ones to read it.

But I re-thought the idea.

Maybe another time.

Houston- We Have a Problem

20 02 2009

Ok, some of you know about my super power. (No, not being able to sense the presence of horses at great distance…)

I am invisible to the opposite sex. Or perhaps a better way of putting it is that I have some kind of instant mind-blanking effect. Sometimes a guy will check me out when I’m walking in the mall or something (though it does NOT happen as often as my mother thinks it does) but no-one ever does a thing about it. It was my own private kind of mo-jo. I liked being ignored. Read the rest of this entry »

I keep trying to post

18 02 2009

I’ve sat down and written two posts tonight- or at least tried to. One was a dream vacation in the South of France and the other was a quote that perfectly defines what I want to grow up to be.

You will notice that neither of them are posted here. Apparently, lack of posting is contagious. I caught it from my sister, Michael and Kristi Walsh collectively. It’s a disease that makes someone unable or not desirous of posting new things to their blog.

I wish I was witty and clever and had something wonderful to share….

Oh hey! I’ll share my toothbrushing revelation. (It’s better than it sounds.)

It started by me thinking about my singing voice- it’s fair but not fabulous and I tend to be rather pitchy. From there it went to how some people paint ugly things and some people can’t seem to find enough rhythm to dance.


When we get to heaven it’s not that we’re going to be suddenly good at everything, it’s that we will be able to percieve the beauty in what we were doing all along. 

 God’s ways are not our ways, nor His thoughts our thoughts- therefore how can we possibly understand what self-expressions are or are not beautiful in His eyes? Heaven’s choirs will be made of the off-key ones who sing as a joyous expression of their love of the Father.

I won’t be painting or dancing or writing in heaven… I’m gonna play the piano and SING!