Something’s coming…

5 01 2009

You all know that I think in song lyrics. Lately it seems to be an increasingly prevalent thing. I can’t hear any comment or think of any memory without some song lyric jumping to mind. So now I offer you some of the songs that are uppermost in my brain these days. Read the rest of this entry »


First Set

27 11 2007

Twas my first set today and it went very well. My butt was tired by the end, as was my voice, but I felt like I got to spend two hours with the Holy Spirit which is never bad.

 I’ve realized why I’ve become such a reluctant blogger. I’m at that point where if something isn’t related to God, it holds no interest for me. I don’t want to write about the day-to-day stuff because it’s unspeakably non-important right now. And, since I can’t spatter the internet with everything that God is doing in my heart, I am clean out of subjects.

I really am sorry for this, because I know that there’s a few of you out there who keep up on my life via this blog. There really is no answer for you other than pray for inspiration, leave topic ideas or call me.

Loves to you all. I’m peacin’ out for now.

Back from my bonny adventure

25 11 2007

Coromandel trip, part II.

Today I hopped into a van with Amanda, Angela, Alana, Becca, Keri and Nikki and headed off to the Coromandel and Cathedral Cove. The weather was much better today than when Kate and I went, which I looked forward to very much.

The trip up was fun. We stopped off and got breakfast at Paradiso cafe, then basically drove for three hours. We got lost a couple of times and had to backtrack. At one point everyone in the car got so car sick that we had to pull over. The Coromandel roadworks people are incapable of making a straight rode (granted the topography doesn’t make it easy either- too many little hills). Point being, the place we stopped at was a tavern. A tavern full of Sunday morning bikers. Read the rest of this entry »


29 10 2007

That title demanded a capital-letters attack.

That’s right, all you loyal blog-readers. I drove. In NZ. IN A BMW!

Expect to hear more about this very soon. For now, it’s bedtime

Compare and Contrast

29 10 2007

Remember those hideous assignments in high school English where you had to compare and contrast two things? I absolutely hated them. However, being a die-hard academic nowadays, I don’t mind doing that hated assignment outside of school.

So I offer you a comparison of NZ life to life in the US

NZ- “How ya goin'”                                  US- “Hi”

NZ- Kumera                                              US- Sweet Potato
         Sausage                                                     Hot dog
        Chicken Stock                                            Chicken Broth
        Regular milk                                               whole milk
        Pavlova                                                        Meringue

NZ- “shocking”                                            US- “What the heck?!”
        “I reckon”                                                      “I think”
         “Oz”                                                               “Australia”
         “Avo”                                                             “Avocado” or “afternoon”
         “hey?”                                                           “?” (untranslateable)

NZ- Full-on shockingly 80’s                      US- Whatever Hollywood says is

Hair cuts- (See above, add ‘mullets’ under NZ)

NZ- Hideously expensive                                US-expensive

That’s a pretty good idea of the whole thing. Let me know if I left anything out

Wellington, Day Five

17 10 2007

The next day dawned dark and dreary.

We slowly collected ourselves, showered and went to the Mr Bun cafe for breakfast. We had wanted crepes but the crepe shop was not yet open. French toast and pancakes had to suffice.

Our original intention was to visit the botanical gardens but it was pouring down rain. POURING. We barely made it to Dixon St before we began to feel like drowned rats. It was barely noon.

Being the bold leader and expert map-reader that I am, I led the girls down side streets, up stairs and around parking garages with reckless abandon. My sole aim was to find someplace dry and warm, preferably that sold hot beverages.

After conferring briefly on a street corner we voted to find the hotel where the spa was and park it. You see, we had two o’clock massages and a facial at the Bodyhaven spa.

One more block of walking led us right to the James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor. The name should give you a pretty good idea about what kind of hotel it is. Picture it- three girls, drenched, cold and dressed for a hike surounded by high heels and cuff links. Luckily we’ve got alot of attitude or we would never have carried it off.

We ordered hot chocolates, dug out our ipods, sketchbooks and the daily paper and proceeded to entertain ourselves for the next hour and a half. Rubgy on the TV helped considerably.

We headed upstairs at 1.30, figuring that we might as well be early. The flock of tiny asian women at the spa took Becca into the inner sanctum right away for her facial but Alana and I had to wait another half an hour for our massages. Read the rest of this entry »

Wellington, Day Four, Pt 2

16 10 2007

***My readers will remember that at this point in the narrative I am just arriving in the kitchen to make dinner. Alana has been there for a few minutes already slicing vegetables.***

Alana, true to form, was not just chopping a mountain of veggies, she was doing it while carrying on a conversation with two very tall men. I wandered in just in time to hear one of them ask “How big is your group.” “Just three of us,” and she saw me, “There is one of them now.”

Here we come to an interesting point. I don’t know why but when I meet new people, particularly men, I tend to curtsy. It’s nothing dramatic, just a quick bob and smile. I’m getting to be a strange duck in my old age. Read the rest of this entry »