Wow! Life Back in a Box

29 03 2011

Today was my first day back in the box office at my friendly local theatre. It’s been two or three years since I last worked in the box office and I pretty much leapt back in nose-first today. Luckily it all came back quickly and I seemed to get through with only a minimum of fuss and questions. It’s going to be a whole new/old adventure.

On a more violent note, last night in karate we learned: How to defend ourselves with a ball point pen, how to defend ourselves in a knife fight using our jackets, how to knock someone out with a purse and why the new version of Karate Kid got some things right. I also got a bonus lesson about why I shouldn’t use a keys-through-the-fist as a defense mechanism. It’s much better to chuck your keys at their face, follow it up with a few punches and then run.

I’d love to get their opinions about fighting in high heels.

Oh! And, as a bonus, one of our Senseis started doing the finger-snapping West Side Story thing and then told us that he’s a Marine. There’s a combo for you, people.

It’s just a little update but you’ll have to bear with me, I’ve got a LONG week this week.


Dear Karate and Why My Life is Super Fun

26 03 2011

For the past five weeks I’ve had the novel experience of attending martial arts classes at the Z-Ultimate Defense Studio in Redmond. Initially I attended because my adopted kid brother James invited me. He and one of his best buds had signed up for some free intro classes and when I heard about it I was psyched. My near-superhero best friend did karate as a child and I remember watching her take class when we were kids. Even as a little squirt I found the whole concept intriguing but I was super busy with dance so karate was not an option.

Fast forward a decade and a half. I’m a lot taller, a good bit more massive (in the physics sense) and stoked. There is something super empowering about knowing that you can defend yourself if necessary.  Read the rest of this entry »