My hero

19 11 2007

My intern director, Karina, sent me this file the other day.


┬áThis guy is seriously my hero. “I wasn’t born to be a movie star. I was born to be a saint!” I love it!

I’d marry him if he wasn’t so pretty. Never marry anyone prettier than you- sets you up for too much mirror time competition.

This really encouraged my heart. Karina and I are going to drive an hour to Hamilton to see it. Tauranga might not be the armpit of NZ, but it gets pretty close sometimes.


Waxing Poetical

1 11 2007

John Mayer CD’s make my writing rather poetical. So do sunrises, good smells, people I love and peppermint slice. Maybe I’m just a poetical kind of person.

 But, if that is true, I am faced with a whole lot of other questions. If I can be ignorant of my inherently poetical (and author-ish) self, what other selves am I that I know nothing about?

Lou Engle once said that “you have no idea who you are”. It’s true, really, because who I am is who Christ wishes to be in me. And, since I know so little of the true nature of the godhead, I know very little about myself. Read the rest of this entry »

Another apology

23 10 2007

Sorry guys but when the Holy Spirit is moving there isn’t always time for blogging. A short list of the past 24 hour’s events will have to suffice.

Last night- spent three and a half hours on the floor interceding for Israel, the Maori and my destiny (Ask me about the angels sometime)

This morning- Overslept then spent three hours caring for my flatmates as they lay on the floor interceding for Dennis’ family and the nations

This afternoon- Went to class and was wonderfully challenged and blessed

Later this afternoon- went for a long walk with my ipod and the Lord

Evening- Ate chips (fries) and broccoli and went to the hotpools

Slightly later- discovered hot pools were closed, got hit with the Holy Spirit and went home to shower and pray

Just now- Got prophecied over by one of my flatmates, wept copiously, sent and e-mail and am now typing this.

You will understand my lack of proper updates, then.