Why would you NOT want to make movies?

30 07 2007

No, seriously… I cannot imagine not making movies. It’s like theatre; I would make coffee every day just to be in that atmosphere. I like the stress of production and I like getting to hang out with lots of talented people. I enjoy when things go wrong and everyone has to scramble to make it work. Heck it even makes me laugh that most actors think the world revolves around them.

Granted I’ve never been on an actual film set before but it can’t be much different. I imagine that’s it’s like tech week all the time. (For those of you who don’t do theatre… “tech week” is the week before a show opens. It’s when costumes, lights, pacing, spacing, choreography and set issues get worked out. Rehearsels during tech week are usually 12 hours at least. Noon to midnight or two in the morning is not unheard of.) By that I mean that it’s a high energy level with accompanying stress and a lot of coffee.

Some of my favorite stories from different movie sets.

Chronicles of Narnia

The little girl who played “Lucy” had never been in a movie before LWW. On her first day of shooting she seemed to be having a hard time. Every time the director yelled “cut” her face fell.  At the end of the day she burst into tears. No-one could figure out why; she’d done a great job. Turns out she didn’t know that you do mutliple takes of every shot. She thought that she’d been doing awfully- why else would they have done so many takes?! How adorable is that?


Elijah Wood constantly locked his keys in his apartment. Sean Astin was forever getting locksmith’s over there to retrieve the keys so that Elijah wouldn’t have to be bothered.

Liv Tyler refused to drive in NZ and made Orlando Bloom take her everywhere. She feared her dyslexia would endanger those around her.

I MUST make movies. Today I’m thinking production designer, but I’d act in a pinch. Let’s be honest- I’d do anything and everything.




3 responses

30 07 2007
Jennifer James

You could always marry some wealthy KIWI and go work on films in NZ!
And invite me to sets, where I shall fan you and feed you fruit.

30 07 2007

Whilst I am running around being all “hey I’m a production designer”-ish.

I’ve already decided that if I become a director, Dad is going to be my “thing”. Like Hitchcock always put himself in and TIm Burton seems unnaturally attached to Johnny Depp. I shall have Dad, drinking coffee, in every one of my movies.

Loving your face. If your kids turn out cute they can have bit parts too.

30 07 2007
Jennifer James

Oh thanks. I like what Aaron normally says to be in this whistful voice… “I am so glad I didn’t marry an ugg-oh.”
Hopefully I shall not give birth to any either.
I thing dad would be an awesome part of all films. We should start script writing.

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