Let’s Talk About Me Some More

22 03 2011

Because, let’s face it, there are not enough blog posts in the world dedicated to me. I mean, come on people!

I’m currently enjoying an evening at home with a cat sitting as close to my face as is practical. Really it’s quite the loveliest picture of me in fifty years- PJ’s, a big glass of water, a side ponytail and a cat. Probably in fifty years I’ll have more cats, though. I should really take a picture for comparisons sake.


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Technobabble and Sandwiches

5 08 2008

Task of the Day- Getting a Job

Today we will discuss the exact formula for obtaining employment and then actually doing the job.

Step 1- Sit on your couch late at night watching something on the travel channel. Update your facebook account and write a somewhat whiny note to a religious leader about your dream job that you’ve never actually done. Have your cell phone nearby. Read the rest of this entry »

On the Other Side

2 03 2008

It’s weird how things that you’ve built up in your mind as this huge deal always seem to turn out to be endurable. Sometimes, as in this case, they are even enjoyable. I had a blast this morning, learned a few things and feel so overwhelmingly positive about it I almost can’t believe it.

As it turns out, by grace I am stronger and more confident than I thought. Not to mention more skilled in the art of running around Seattle in three-inch heels than I expected. (Was that I really awkward sentence or what?!)

On a side note- someday I want to actually stay in the W Hotel.

I’m back in the saddle again

20 12 2007

“I’m riding the range once more
totin’ my old 44
Where the lonely cattle feed
On the [something] gypsum weed
I’m back in the saddle again”


¬†Greetings from the Emerald Isle. My life is back to drivin’, workin’, lovin’ Jesus and spending as much time as possible on art and writing.

To that end, I would like to jump on my sister’s Flash Fiction kick and ask you all to recomend topics for tales. I shall write one short story per day for a week if I get at least ten different suggestion. So invite your friends, spread the word, get people to suggest things!

And I, for my part, will entertain the stuffin’ out of you! (Or at least, do my best!)

Is back safely

18 12 2007

Luggage and all!

¬†I’m pretty worn out, and 24 hours of airports is no joke, but I am ecstatic to be home for Christmas. I cannot quite communicate what a wonderful culture shock it is to come from wattle trees and surf boards to rain and twinkle lights.


If you’ll excuse me, I have a mound of laundry that would make Everest look like a mole-hill. Toodles for now but more to come soon.