Technobabble and Sandwiches

5 08 2008

Task of the Day- Getting a Job

Today we will discuss the exact formula for obtaining employment and then actually doing the job.

Step 1- Sit on your couch late at night watching something on the travel channel. Update your facebook account and write a somewhat whiny note to a religious leader about your dream job that you’ve never actually done. Have your cell phone nearby. Read the rest of this entry »


Babysitting Soup

29 07 2008

Have any of you ever heaved a ham bone complete with bits of flesh and fatĀ out of a pan of ham-stock and onto a cutting board? Have you then had to decide at what place to attack said hambone so you could remove all neccesary meat? Have you been confused by the bone of the oinker, thinking that it looked like a tonka toy? Have you been put-off by the boiled-flesh smell of hot ham?

Yeah. Me neither.

Today’s ‘Task of the Day’ is making ham soup. Read the rest of this entry »