Chatham IL

24 01 2009

We made it.

Not that I am suprised, the focus with which this family approaches road trips is almost frightening.

On Thursday morning I helped Timothy load the van and trailer with our assorted instruments, suitcases, canvases and foodstuffs. With a trailer it’s almost an easy deal. The girls took over the back seat of the van and I ensconced myself window-side in one of the captain’s chairs. A trip to Starbucks served the additional purpose of a meeting-place so that we could say goodbye to Pastor Tim. He informed me that his secretary has absconded the painting and placed it over her desk until a ‘better’ place can be found. I hope it rocks her world! Read the rest of this entry »


Photos ala Nikki

1 12 2007

HERE is a link to one of my roomie’s flickr accounts. If you want to see some great pics from NZ this is the place to go.

Dad- I know you don’t like clicking links but this one is worth it.

I spent 2.5 hours tonight working on Badger’s tattoo designs and Nikki took pics and is going to put them on her account. Ya’ll should check it out and see my wicked tatt skillz.


21 11 2007

I realize it isn’t Thanksgiving in the States until tomorrow, but here in NZ we’re celebrating Turkey Day. There’s been a huge list of people (and the food they are bringing) hanging on the prayer room door this week. You can see people wander by (mostly girls) every now and again, purposefully casual as they scan the list looking for anticipated goodies.

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