Back from my bonny adventure

25 11 2007

Coromandel trip, part II.

Today I hopped into a van with Amanda, Angela, Alana, Becca, Keri and Nikki and headed off to the Coromandel and Cathedral Cove. The weather was much better today than when Kate and I went, which I looked forward to very much.

The trip up was fun. We stopped off and got breakfast at Paradiso cafe, then basically drove for three hours. We got lost a couple of times and had to backtrack. At one point everyone in the car got so car sick that we had to pull over. The Coromandel roadworks people are incapable of making a straight rode (granted the topography doesn’t make it easy either- too many little hills). Point being, the place we stopped at was a tavern. A tavern full of Sunday morning bikers. Read the rest of this entry »


Let’s Go to the Movies

21 11 2007

Last night one of the other interns, Ang, and I went to see Lions for Lambs.

As we were sitting in the theatre chatting before the movie, Ang suggested that I write a blog about the experience of going to the movies. I loved the idea. As anyone who knows me or reads this blog consistantly will tell you, I adore movies. Given the opportunity I would spend most of my paychecks at the theatre. Some people don’t like movies as a ‘date’ thing or a ‘social’ thing because you don’t really talk to one another. I disagree. A movie seen together is one of the best experiences possible, as I shall attempt to show you in what follows. Read the rest of this entry »


21 11 2007

I realize it isn’t Thanksgiving in the States until tomorrow, but here in NZ we’re celebrating Turkey Day. There’s been a huge list of people (and the food they are bringing) hanging on the prayer room door this week. You can see people wander by (mostly girls) every now and again, purposefully casual as they scan the list looking for anticipated goodies.

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November 20th Update

20 11 2007

Well it’s nearly Thanksgiving which, thanks to the heaps of North Americans down here, we are celebrating in proper style. I’ve purchased a turkey, a bottle of wine and a pound of butter and plan on parking it at Finau and Kristi’s house on Thursday to cook it. Graham is going to stuff the neck with sausage meat in what can only be some kind of British tradition.

I’ve updated the ‘Quote of the Week’ and ‘water’ pages, so feel free to check those out. Read the rest of this entry »

Disney Princess Kind of a Day

3 11 2007

Sans Prince Charming, of course. (Darn it!)

But other than that it was about as Disney Princess-ish as you can get. It started with my two hour nap after the prayer room. Two hours is not quite a hundred years, but we’re approaching the end times and so everything has to be condensed.

Afterward I got suited up to go for my jog. The tide was in, the birds were out and a breeze was wafting lovely fragrances my way. (Occasionally that same breeze came off the bay and stank of seaweed and mud, but you take what you can get.) Read the rest of this entry »

The Pressure’s on

31 10 2007

Or so my father says. He says that I have quite a readership (is that a word?) and that when your writing is enjoyable people expect you to write more.

Ack! Read the rest of this entry »

Wellington, Day Five

17 10 2007

The next day dawned dark and dreary.

We slowly collected ourselves, showered and went to the Mr Bun cafe for breakfast. We had wanted crepes but the crepe shop was not yet open. French toast and pancakes had to suffice.

Our original intention was to visit the botanical gardens but it was pouring down rain. POURING. We barely made it to Dixon St before we began to feel like drowned rats. It was barely noon.

Being the bold leader and expert map-reader that I am, I led the girls down side streets, up stairs and around parking garages with reckless abandon. My sole aim was to find someplace dry and warm, preferably that sold hot beverages.

After conferring briefly on a street corner we voted to find the hotel where the spa was and park it. You see, we had two o’clock massages and a facial at the Bodyhaven spa.

One more block of walking led us right to the James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor. The name should give you a pretty good idea about what kind of hotel it is. Picture it- three girls, drenched, cold and dressed for a hike surounded by high heels and cuff links. Luckily we’ve got alot of attitude or we would never have carried it off.

We ordered hot chocolates, dug out our ipods, sketchbooks and the daily paper and proceeded to entertain ourselves for the next hour and a half. Rubgy on the TV helped considerably.

We headed upstairs at 1.30, figuring that we might as well be early. The flock of tiny asian women at the spa took Becca into the inner sanctum right away for her facial but Alana and I had to wait another half an hour for our massages. Read the rest of this entry »