Three down Three to Go

17 12 2008

Of the six people who have been life-long friends and to whom I feel a certain responsibility toward, three are now married! Jen, Kesley and Stacie have all officially tied the knot. Now I have to get Zane, Erin and Jake married and I can RELAX. The good news is I will have nothing to do with the preperations for either Jake or Zane’s weddings. So really, it’s more like three down one to go!

I am so relaxed I could pass right out.

I had an awesome time at Stacie’s wedding. All 48 hours of it. I got to sleep over at the Shockley’s because I was too tired to drive home and that in itself was a very fun blessing. I love that family and their pug dogs.

The church got decorated, the bride was gorgeous, the reception came off without a hitch and I was blessed to be a part of it. Actually, I had so much help converting the sanctuary into the reception hall that we got the whole thing done in SIX MINUTES. The church’s wedding coordinators were hugely impressed. If you are interested there are a lot of pictures on facebook. Read the rest of this entry »



12 12 2008

Weddigns are lovely but they sure do stir up the soup-pot of life. I am hip-deep in my best friend’s wedding and enjoying myself almost 100% of the time. (The exception being when the holly for the decorations spears me.)

To make it all even more interesting, we are expecting snow starting tomorrow. Tomorrow also happens to be the day that I have to drive 45 minutes south to decorate the church and participate in the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. On the off chance that I get stuck in Renton, I am packing an overnight bag and asking the Shockley’s to [potentially] take me in.

So you shan’t hear from me for the next few days. Hopefully on Sunday I’ll sit down and catch you all up on my life to date. There is some school news as well as an interesting e-mail that might need to be shared.

A brief update to hold you over-
I’m still single.
I haven’t cleaned my room in a week.
All the Christmas decorations are up and they are wonderful!
I decorated a gingerbread house today with the Mansour kids.
Spray paint makes me sneeze.
I still only have one cat.
I’m looking for another cat.
I haven’t done ANY Christmas shopping yet.
I haven’t the faintest idea what to buy anyone!
All I want for Christmas is the next bend in the Road.

I Design Wedding Dresses

21 10 2008

(The above picture is in honor of Erin.)

In fact, I design weddings dresses with almost alarming frequency.

Today I was looking at engagement rings with my mom. Just browsing the internet for fun. Also, in the hopes that if I show her enough pictures of the kind of stuff I like, she’ll remember and pass on the hints when my turn comes around. When I could get her to stop picking out ones for herself it was really fun! Our favorite is this one. It’s a little pricey but when the man involved is purely fictional, there is no budget! (Does it mean anything that when I went to find the page, the first link that I clicked on landed me on the exact ring that I was thinking of?)

Then I had a brainwave. If I’m going to have a 1930’s Art Deco ring, I should probably have a dress designed in the same style. Enter Madame Gres. She designed Greek-inspired dresses that have this amazing architectural look. Her dresses are incredibly soft and beautiful while still being interesting.

So I did what I always do when weddings come up in conversation; I design the bride’s dress. Last week it was a pile of Oreos, Erin’s enormous couch and her stack of bridal magazines that led me to sketch out her perfect dress. This week it’s a ring, my mom, two HUGE glasses of water, some slices of ham and three canker sores. And I think I’m finally getting to the perfect design for my own dress.

Now I just have to find a man. Or, better yet, get some kind of arranged marriage deal where someone ELSE finds the man.

Does that work in this country?