Dear Karate and Why My Life is Super Fun

26 03 2011

For the past five weeks I’ve had the novel experience of attending martial arts classes at the Z-Ultimate Defense Studio in Redmond. Initially I attended because my adopted kid brother James invited me. He and one of his best buds had signed up for some free intro classes and when I heard about it I was psyched. My near-superhero best friend did karate as a child and I remember watching her take class when we were kids. Even as a little squirt I found the whole concept intriguing but I was super busy with dance so karate was not an option.

Fast forward a decade and a half. I’m a lot taller, a good bit more massive (in the physics sense) and stoked. There is something super empowering about knowing that you can defend yourself if necessary.  Read the rest of this entry »



12 12 2008

Weddigns are lovely but they sure do stir up the soup-pot of life. I am hip-deep in my best friend’s wedding and enjoying myself almost 100% of the time. (The exception being when the holly for the decorations spears me.)

To make it all even more interesting, we are expecting snow starting tomorrow. Tomorrow also happens to be the day that I have to drive 45 minutes south to decorate the church and participate in the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. On the off chance that I get stuck in Renton, I am packing an overnight bag and asking the Shockley’s to [potentially] take me in.

So you shan’t hear from me for the next few days. Hopefully on Sunday I’ll sit down and catch you all up on my life to date. There is some school news as well as an interesting e-mail that might need to be shared.

A brief update to hold you over-
I’m still single.
I haven’t cleaned my room in a week.
All the Christmas decorations are up and they are wonderful!
I decorated a gingerbread house today with the Mansour kids.
Spray paint makes me sneeze.
I still only have one cat.
I’m looking for another cat.
I haven’t done ANY Christmas shopping yet.
I haven’t the faintest idea what to buy anyone!
All I want for Christmas is the next bend in the Road.

It came from the black lagoon…

21 10 2008

…and took up residence on my face.

I shall explain.

In the last-ditch effort to cure my three very painful canker sores, my mother and I took a little side trip to the drug store today. We found a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash (recomended by the pharmacist) and these tiny little canker sore patches. The rinse is pretty straight forward. It’d be a great way to trick your friends into thinking you were rabid. It also hurts. Remember pouring hydrogen peroxide on your cuts as a kid? Imagine that in your mouth.

But the patches are the real inspiration for my title today. When you take them out of the packaging they are incredibly inoffensive looking. They look like miniature versions of the non-scuff pads that you put on the bottom of your kitchen stool. Then you put it in your mouth where it swells up like an offended toad. It takes on the taste of three-days composted mint leaves, the texture of gelatin (which is itself made of unmentionable animal parts) and the look of a tiny deep sea invertebrate. It would have been ok if this particular canker sore was not so close to my lip. As it was, that tiny deep sea invertebrate looked like it was trying to crawl out my mouth.

Not my best look.

But it makes for a good story!

The Temple of Consumerism

27 08 2008

Otherwise known as “My life, The Update”.

Sorry if it’s too quiet, I’m still using my digital camera to do this, and the sound quality is really poor. Not to mention, because of the file type (.mov) there is no way for me to edit it with the programs I have. Someday I’ll have better technology…


The Magical Musings of Meghan

19 02 2008

My friend Jason wrote a blog post about politics today. You should read some of the comments. They’re enough to make you weep, laugh and pull your hair out all at the same time. I mention is because I was going to write something similarly deep and insightful but then I realized two things 1) I’m at work where frequent interruptions make deep and insightful nigh unto impossible and 2) I have NO idea what I would write about.

Therefore, I shall do what I am next-best at: rambling!

There are buds on the trees now. I noticed them through the fog of hard exercise as I was running home from the gym today. Moreover, there was actual fog making everything misty and Jane Austen-ish. I kept hoping Mr Darcy would come running out of an open garage, sweep me up into his arms and ask why I wasn’t wearing a corset. It didn’t happen, but it made for some good imagining.

I don’t think that people should be allowed to have more than one hideous lap-dog at a time. There were far too many people out walking little beasties of indescriminate colour and unidentifiable breed. Buy a real dog, why dontcha?!

I like it when the young folk are on break from school. There are far fewer people taking up machines and oxygen at the gym. Pet peeve- teenage boys who park it on a machine and watch TV for extended periods of time. Stop faking! I know you aren’t resting between sets!

I think children’s books are highly under-rated. Some of my favorite books in the world are, to this day, children’s books. The Secret Staircase, Ten in the Bed, My Dad the Magnificent. I want to someday have the world’s largest collection of children’s books.

If I could have any talent which I do not already possess it would be singing. I hang out with too many singers and it creates all kinds of songbird envy. Much of my time is spent repenting.

Why is “moist” such a gross word and “billet” such a great one?

I don’t really believe that Puff the Magic Dragon lived by the sea. Anything that fire-and-smoky would have a healthy fear of water!

And one last thing…

The frankle goes in front!

Lesser thoughts of a greater mind

25 01 2008

Subtitle- “Because thoughts only become great after much thinking.”

Topic 1- Running on a sunny morning.

              I went to the gym this morning wearing black stretch pants with cut off gray sweats over them. When I came down the stairs my parents laughed at me and I was confused. I’m a dancer. We’re supposed to wear gray cut-off sweats over everything. The people at the gym seemed to agree with my folks. I got more than one bemused look.
               After pounding it out for half an hour (today was an ‘arms’ day) I got suited up for the run home. Now, when I woke up this morning it was 20 degrees outside. When we left the house it was 24. And I wanted to run home.
            ‘Cause I’m just that crazy.
            But if you wear two pairs of pants, a moisture-wicking-super-swank-bright-red shirt, a sweatshirt, a Northface fleece and a hat, it’s not so bad. And, even though you can see your breath and your warmth causes condensation to form like a sci-fi personal force field, it’s a pretty great experience.
        Now, I’m not a runner. I top out at about ten-minute miles for 40 minutes. But the thing is, I actually enjoy it. I like feeling like I’m about to hurl. I like getting red-faced and scary-looking. I like when I take off my hat and my hair stands up straight. More than that, though, I like the numb-legs feeling you get after a good run.
       But the best part, as far as I am concerned, is the people. Today I got to chat with two dog-walkin’ ladies and a bus full of wee children honked at me. Not bad for a girl who looks like an over-stuffed peep when she runs.
     And, if the sun is just rightt and the weather is perfect (or if there is no sun and the weather is crummy) you can have some great prayer time while you’re pounding the pavement. I recomend it highly.

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Secret Places

11 12 2007

I would say that, up until now, 70% of my life was lived outwardly. By that I mean that I verbally process, tell stories, share things about myself and do things that allow me to interact with the world. Moreover, I would say that most of the population lives like this as well.

But time here has made me realize the truly vast distances that exist between people. I cannot every really know you, and you cannot quite reach me, even if we both want connection and have the best motives.

As far as relationships with the Lord go, He will tell me things about myself; lead me and guide me, but He doesn’t let me in on your secret life. What is the line that Aslan uses? Something along the line of ‘no-one is told any story but their own’. Those of you who have read Silver Chair more recently than I can remind me of what it actually says. Read the rest of this entry »