A day in the life of…

30 04 2008

Hello Universe from the Great Eastside!


I had a wonderful weekend this weekend. After work on Sunday I made a “Bellingham” playlist for my iPod and hopped in mom’s car.  By some miracle I had Sunday evening as well as Monday off and it’d been too long since I’d seen my bestest (and newly engaged) friend.


Stacie and I got some dinner, looked at bridal magazines in Fred Meyer, read stupid cards and talked to Scottie. We stopped by Jason and Ben’s room and said hi to Jason. (Who looked borderline shocked when we opened his door.) Stacie were both a little sleepy and were just going to curl up to watch a Danny Kaye movie when into her dorm room walked Ben Davenport.

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Meghan’s “List of the Day”

15 04 2008

Last night as I was watching Star Wars with my daddy (prior to going over to the Monsours to be fed a lovely dinner) I decided to make a list of all the things I want to learn how to do. I tried to think of the most helpful skills/talents that a person can have in the modern world. I hope to study all of them and become the most useful human being possible.

1) Tumbling
2) Spanish
3) French
4) Sleight of hand
5) Tap Dancing
6) Singing
7) Writing html
8) Higher level mathematics
9) Sailing knots
10) Playing piano
11) Driving a stick shift
12) Kayaking
13) Stage Combat
14) Basic self-defense
15) The Dewey Decimal system
16) Draping and cutting (They’re sewing terms)
17) Hydroponics

If I think of any more I’ll add them…

Well now I am confused

15 04 2008

I have come to two conclusions because of my last post. 1) Just because something is ugly/destructive doesn’t mean that the greater world wouldn’t call it art. Art doesn’t HAVE to be uplifting to be art, at least not to most people. I think that only God creates and thus creativity is a gift from God. Movies, paintings etc that do not edify or add beauty to the world are not art. But my definition is not everyone’s so we’ll have to let it go at that. 2) I shouldn’t write slap-dash posts that are going to be controversial.

My bad.

Social Conscience: Art vs Entertainment vs Trash

8 04 2008



Movies are not art.


I suppose that I have your attention now. Allow me to remind you that the above statement comes from a movie lover. I can almost regret saying it, indeed I wish that it were not true but it is.


This fact was made stunningly clear to me recently as I watched film advertisement after Oscar break-down after promotional tour. The films I have seen in theatre recently and the trailers for upcoming movies are so far away from the category of art that the sobriety with which they are approached is laughable. Read the rest of this entry »

Is 21!

7 04 2008

I is! I is!

And I’m working on a new blog post called “Social Conscience: Art vs Entertainment vs Trash”. Expect it here in the next couple of days.

A Long Awaited Party

3 04 2008

Well, not quite. My twenty-first birthday IS next Monday, though, which I think is pretty stinkin’ awesome. Most twenty-year-olds look forward to this momentous birthday like starving people look forward to their next meal. I am non-plussed. I like birthdays, but I already know what my two big presents are so there isn’t that unwrapping-gifts excitement.

Did I mention that I am going to see Wicked?

Or that I am going to Disneyland?

 But enough about birthdays… Much has happened since last I wrote to you all.

I got into the Conservatory that I really want to go to, and Asbury lost every single piece of paper that I sent to them. I’ve also decided to apply to U of O. I don’t know what our neighborhood will do if I get in since my dad and our Oregonian neighbors have been going at it for years in a State to State college football rivalry. It would shake Windsor Heights down to its’ core. Read the rest of this entry »