On Hiatus

22 03 2008

Since my sister has been laid off (and therefore no longer has internet access) and the box office version of hell week* has hit, I am going to be on hiatus for a while. Please check back every few days or so, I’ll hopefully post something soon.

 *”Hell week” is also known as ‘tech week’ in theatre. During every play you have on week of really long, really intense rehearsels. The box office version is really long hours of really intense, really complex work. Except, our hell week will last until the first part of June.


Purple Daisies are Rare Beasties

13 03 2008

Or “How do you title a blog about randomness?”

I have noticed something very strange that happens to me every time I am in the parking lot of my bank. My remote unlock button for my car never works. Not once in the last four years. I find this puzzling because, as far as I know, there is no specific invention that jams radio signals from car remotes. Nor is there any reason for such a device to be in the Pine Lake shopping center parking lot. Moreover, this hypothetical jamming thingie does not affect the suburban soccer moms. They jump in and out of their over-sized Alkida-enabling, gas-guzzling SUV’s like bunnies with too much make-up.

I’m just saying. Read the rest of this entry »

With all due respect

11 03 2008

And with special attention to the ‘judge not, lest ye be judged’ policy…

The Vatican.


The Catholic church is full of people who really love the Lord. It is also, apparently, full of nut-jobs. This is not astonishing since the Catholic church has always been full of lovers of Christ and nut jobs (some of them are both at once!). 

Allow me to introduce you to Isabella of Spain. Some of you may recall the Inquisition. “In 1480, Isabella and Ferdinand instituted the Inquisition in Spain, as one of many changes to the role of the church instituted by the monarchs. The Inquisition was aimed mostly at Jews and Muslims who had overtly converted to Christianity but were thought to be practicing their faiths secretly — known respectively as morranos and moriscos — as well as at heretics who rejected Roman Catholic orthodoxy, including alumbras who practiced a kind of mysticism or spiritualism.

Ferdinand and Isabella were given the title “the Catholic” by the Pope, in recognition of their role in “purifying” the faith.” (You can read more here.)

On the other hand we have Saint John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila and the Desert Fathers and Mothers. Now, I’m not Catholic. I admit it! Hence I feel it is innapropriate for me to haul back and give the Church a proverbial slap in the face.

However, nowhere in the Bible does Jesus say “You live by grace if and only if you follow these institutionalized religious forms.” Nor does he warn us that “Your carbon footprint will weigh heavily against you in the Final Judgement”.

So why exactly is the Vatican freaking out that trips to confessionals have decreased rapidly and there are massive amounts of greenhouse gases being released into the air? And how did those two things land on the table at the same time?!

Was the pope being served by a particularly smarmy footman who decided to confess that he doesn’t confess anymore and also drives a Hummer? Where do things like this occur?!

I’m just saying. If you’ve got people out witnessing the love of God to the lost, who cares if they forgot to confess their sins and happened to have flown to wherever they are witnessing. Let God take care of the sins. He’s more than willing to do it.

But, by all means, go to confession if that’s what the Holy Spirit is telling you to do.

Just don’t drive there.

TICA Part 2: Acceptance of Status Quo

7 03 2008

Let me lead off by reminding everyone that I am not a political activist in the normal sense and I don’t think the whole world needs to subscribe to my exact patterns of thought.


Since when did it become ok to accept hate/malice/crooked business practices and de-huminization because “that’s the way things are”.  I watched an “succesful” member of the fashion world look a crying girl straight in the eyes and say “This is a very cruel business” as though that excused anything.

I beg your pardon but just because the fashion industry’s lifeblood is the self-esteem and health of thousands of young people does not make it ok. Not even close! It’s the same way with Hollywood. “This business is about sex”, “if you aren’t pretty you won’t sell”, “if you don’t push the envelope and disturb the public it’s not art and [what’s worse] you won’t make any money”, “money is the only god”.

I am so damned fed up! (Excuse the language, please).

But the myths go deeper than even Hollywood or the fashion industry can drive them. Politics (“You say what they want to hear, once you’re in office you aren’t beholden to anyone”). Family (“If you don’t do everything you are told you don’t deserve love”). Work (“You have to put in more than 40 hours a week or you’ll lose your job to someone more dedicated.)

This may be the way our culture operates now, but shrugging it off and accepting it does NOTHING. You will notice that it’s the people already on the top who so easily dismiss the flaws of their sector. Designers and top models like the unnatural expectations. Using them they can decrease competition and propogate the lie that their “look” is what is desirable. Politicians shamelessly manipulate the established order to achieve their own ends. The powers that be in Hollywood are able to shove their agenda down the throats of the entire world with little or no resistance. Because “that’s just the way things are”.

This is the worst kind of bondage that human beings can be in. It’s a cage of lies and half-truths that keeps most of the world from walking into everything they are and can be. You will never sell me on the idea that anyone should have to do anything to earn love or compassion.

I would challenge anyone who happens to stumble across this post to live free from these expectations and social norms.

This is not how it was meant to be and it breaks my heart.

You can be healthy and beautiful.

You don’t have to let them break you to have success.

If you aren’t comfortable with something you are not required to do it.

Your body is your own. Gaurd it.

There is no cause so great that you should sacrifice your honor and your consciense in pursuit of it.

You do not have to earn love.

Who you are is enough.

TICA Part 1: People

4 03 2008

Here begins a new series I am calling “TICA” which is an acronym for Things I Care About.  I have spent considerable energy of late making mental lists of things I care about. Not just have vague thoughts about but things that make me cry/get spitting mad/laugh really hard.

The first thing on my list is People. Humanity at large and individuals in my space.

I like people. I like that some people laugh at bad jokes and others look vaguely offended. I like that there’s a kid in our neighborhood who I have never once seen smile and who we call The Professor. I like that my boss wanders around organizing when her work gets too overwhelming. Cleaning is her coping mechanism.

It’s cool that people HAVE coping mechanisms. Mine are hot baths, my cat and sleep. Some people prefer extreme sports or driving too fast.

No-one on earth thinks the same way as anyone else. I see things as shapes, colours, movie quotes and song lyrics. There are people out there who never dream in colour.

Yes, people can be irritable, cranky, nasty and short-tempered. Some are selfish, self-centered and self-protective. People can be malicious and sneaky and sometimes you just want to hit a few of them.

However, that doesn’t disqualify them from their status as human. No matter how mean, smelly, annoying someone is, they are still a person and therefore deserving of every consideration possible. Sometimes I’ve got grace to love the irritating ones, and some days I don’t. On the days that I don’t I hide myself in the bonus room and try not to talk too much.

Seriously, though, even on their worst days when they make me frustrated and short-tempered myself, I can still say that I honestly LIKE other people. The idiosyncratic tendencies, the humour and silliness and everything else that makes people people is wonderful to me.

This is why I like customer service jobs and hate retail. When I work retail I feel as though I am taking advantage of people. I don’t like doing that, even when I have to.

I hope to be the kind of person that is always availible, always ready with a smile and consistently helpful to those around me. To serve is my greatest aim.

(And on that note… we are no longer allowed to be on the internet at work. So I’m going to get off now before someone kicks my butt.)

On the Other Side

2 03 2008

It’s weird how things that you’ve built up in your mind as this huge deal always seem to turn out to be endurable. Sometimes, as in this case, they are even enjoyable. I had a blast this morning, learned a few things and feel so overwhelmingly positive about it I almost can’t believe it.

As it turns out, by grace I am stronger and more confident than I thought. Not to mention more skilled in the art of running around Seattle in three-inch heels than I expected. (Was that I really awkward sentence or what?!)

On a side note- someday I want to actually stay in the W Hotel.