In Defense of You

21 03 2011

Or “Why You Should Unleash Your Creative Side”

I’ve said it before and not infrequently, but I am a big advocate of the Creative inside each person I meet. We live in a culture where creativity is often looked at askance. Graffiti, street musicians, musical theatre, girls who tap dance around Seattle parks, the guy with the tri-coloured faux-hawk, all are viewed with vague distrust. Moreover, the people who never grow up (like me) and are therefore more inclined to Public Displays of Creativity (PDC) are at best whimsical and at worst strange.  Read the rest of this entry »


Day Three: The Great Bread Caper

28 10 2008

Today was really fun. First thing in the morning I drove to Bothell to paint with a dear friend from our church. She has a beautiful house and an entirely seperate building for her art studio. Her studio is lovely and very conducive to painting. I can see that I’m going to have to buy another easel to store over there.

The fun thing about this friend is that she can and will talk about anything under the sun. The topics we covered today included (but were not limited to) politics, abortion, adoption, plastic surgery, family, mutual friends, shopping, church, fashion, my best friend and her wedding, getting married and the possibility of being taxed out of our skivvies should Obama win the election.

It was a really good morning. especially because I painted a present for my best friend’s 22nd birthday while I was there. Read the rest of this entry »

Day Two: Dishes, Dogs and Dirty Laundry

27 10 2008

I woke up early. I woke up early to retrieve my dog. I woke up early to retrieve my dog because my dad works and I’m the only other option.

It was a foggy day on Happy Hound Drive when I pulled up to get my Gustis. The air was cold and I was still slightly foggy brained. But Gus looked none the worse for wear and wasn’t even mad at me like he normally is after we kennel him. Half an hour after I got home the owner of the Happy Hound called to give us a debrief of our dog’s stay. He had a special bed in the kitchen with a blanket to go over him. After the first two nights they decided that he was lonely in his own room so they put him in a room with some of the other old farts. He went to the hardwear store and had lots of treats. When he got home today he alternated between lying in the sun inside and lying in the sun outside. It’s a rough life. Read the rest of this entry »

November 20th Update

20 11 2007

Well it’s nearly Thanksgiving which, thanks to the heaps of North Americans down here, we are celebrating in proper style. I’ve purchased a turkey, a bottle of wine and a pound of butter and plan on parking it at Finau and Kristi’s house on Thursday to cook it. Graham is going to stuff the neck with sausage meat in what can only be some kind of British tradition.

I’ve updated the ‘Quote of the Week’ and ‘water’ pages, so feel free to check those out. Read the rest of this entry »