Wellington, Day Four, Pt 2

16 10 2007

***My readers will remember that at this point in the narrative I am just arriving in the kitchen to make dinner. Alana has been there for a few minutes already slicing vegetables.***

Alana, true to form, was not just chopping a mountain of veggies, she was doing it while carrying on a conversation with two very tall men. I wandered in just in time to hear one of them ask “How big is your group.” “Just three of us,” and she saw me, “There is one of them now.”

Here we come to an interesting point. I don’t know why but when I meet new people, particularly men, I tend to curtsy. It’s nothing dramatic, just a quick bob and smile. I’m getting to be a strange duck in my old age. Read the rest of this entry »


Stacie- On her 21st Birthday

14 10 2007


So, I have this friend, and we met under very extraordinary circumstances. Our fathers were college roommates in Nash, a dorm at Western Washington University. And, though Stacie proceeded me into this world by six months, we have been best friends since our parents dumped us into a playpen together.

If we had met as grown-ups, I don’t think that we would have gotten along. Both strong headed, both passionate about totally different things, we would probably have been aquaintences at best. However, God had better plans. Read the rest of this entry »