Three Cheerios and a Nap: The Meghan Guide to a Better Life

24 05 2007

Some people have a hard time managing busy lives. Stress constricts their veins and the cares of the world lie heavy on their shoulders. I used to be really bad at managing stress, myself. In fact, it gave me what doctors call anxiety attacks and what I call ‘visits from my little friends’. A wise woman told me that they happened because I internalized what was bothering me, without even knowing it.  Point being, since then I’ve been learning the little ways to deal with stress and the small things that make life enjoyable. Read the rest of this entry »


Oh I wish I were a….

24 05 2007

Since Aaron was the first (and thus far ONLY) one to reply to my previous post…

Aaron. Brother in Law. This one’s for you.

I wish I were a teacup

Oh how thrilling that would be

To spend my time with crumpets

My noggin full of tea

I wish I were a duck

With a waddle and a quack

‘Cause then I’d hang with other ducks

Of friends I’d have no lack

I wish I were a book

The kind that’s leather bound

To be treasured by a thinker

Holding secrets to be found

I wish I were a feather

On some great bird’s wing

To see the world from way up high

Would be quite a wondrous thing

I wish I were a song

Not the deep and solemn sort

But the kind sung in joy

With a bright and cheerful heart

I wish I were stronger

More noble, wise and true

But mostly I’m just glad I’m me

And really… aren’t you?

Titles for Prospective Posts

22 05 2007

So yesterday (on five hours of sleep) I was driving through Seattle on my way to my tap class. Instead of composing a blog post I composed blog titles. My sister suggests that I post a bunch of them, get a vote, and write a blog based on the popular winner. I’d do it based on the electoral winner but then I’d have to have some kind of electoral system worked out. I’m too lazy so the popular vote will take the day.

“Three Cheerios and a Nap: The Meghan Guide to a Better Life”

“Orange Jumpsuits and Puddleducks: Life in Seattle”

“Purple Green and Blue: The History of a Bruise”

“I’m not ADD, I Just Like Shiny Things”

“Oh I Wish I Were A….”

Ladies and Gentlemen vote, now.


16 05 2007

Part I:The Nature of Love

“Love is patient, love is kind it does not envy it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” – I Corinthians 13:4-7

Obviously, wiser people than I (not to mention God himself) have defined the exact nature of love. It’s worth being reminded of, though, especially in a culture saturated with false definitions of Love. Read the rest of this entry »

Coming Soon….

15 05 2007

“The Nature of Love: A compilation of thoughts”

 So between Peter Pan, Lucy, Village and trying to sleep once in a while I have had NO time to post new things. Tomorrow I have a day that makes “busy” look restful. However, I am doing nothing on Wednesday until the evening and so plan on posting my thoughts on Love. (After which I will finish my Asbury application I PROMISE).

So wait with baited breath all ye few but faithful. Thou shalt not be disappointed-ith.

Much love.

Life as a Brunette

11 05 2007

I got a bit of a rant the other day about “daring to make bold choices in my life”.  After listening to this tirade (for a half an hour) bits of it actually seeped through the cracks. Some of the points were valid. I can talk the talk about living life on the edge but could I really walk the walk?

 Those of you who have seen “What About Bob” know about the concept of baby steps. You have to do small things before you can do big ones. Walk before you can run etc. My first baby step/ bold choice was dyeing my hair.

That’s right folks, Yours Truly is now a brunette.

Now the flip side, and what makes my choice significantly less bold is the fact that I KNEW it would look good. How bold is a bold choice when you know that the reaction to it will be positive? Does that take away the intrinsic value of stepping out of my comfort zone?

Those aren’t rhetorical questions… I’m really trying to figure it out.

Do you have to do things that yours peers won’t like for it to be a risk? Is risk inherently good? (I mean, obviously I’m not talking risk like shooting heroin).

Thoughts from the peanut gallery?


6 05 2007

My sister wrote a post a few days back about the futility of wishes. She said that it’s important to pray for things instead of idly wishing for them. She has a point, and a good one, but I feel I need to add something to that.  

I think that wishes are important. They are the compass that points to the destination. Sometimes it is the idle wishes that reveal the most about the things we really want from life. Now, if I were to say “I wish that I had enough money for that new car” that’s fairly straight forward. I think in those cases the “I wish” part of the sentence is just a figure of speech.

However, what about the times when you are sitting on your porch contemplating life (that’s assuming that other people do that too) and you start thinking “I wish…”? Those are different cases entirely. I am a firm believer that God puts desires into our hearts for a reason. People who assume that anything they want is immediately bad are taking the power out of their relationship with God. It’s the wishes that float to the surface during twilight revelries that point us towards what to pray for. Do you often wish that God could heal your friend’s ailments? Try praying about it!

If you leave it at the wish point you are not giving them the credit they deserve. Who was it that said “A wish without a plan is only air?”. I would change it to “A wish without a prayer is only air”.

So think of your wishes as the compass in Pirates of the
Caribbean. They’ll point you towards your heart’s desires. I guess that makes prayer the Black Pearl- the method by which you reach what you wish for. It’s certainly not the best analogy but it’s consistent.