Jared is Not Alone

31 07 2008

This is my [non-edited, shockingly frightening hair, ugly background] video reply to Jared’s show.

It’s a collection of ideas of things he can do if “the world deserts him and no-one watches the show”. It was done in about 5 minutes with my digital camera. The end result…? I want a proper video camera and a hair and makeup lady.


You will find Jared’s video linked below. He has editing and fancy music, but I’ve got LOTR memorabilia and bright red shoes!



Babysitting Soup

29 07 2008

Have any of you ever heaved a ham bone complete with bits of flesh and fat out of a pan of ham-stock and onto a cutting board? Have you then had to decide at what place to attack said hambone so you could remove all neccesary meat? Have you been confused by the bone of the oinker, thinking that it looked like a tonka toy? Have you been put-off by the boiled-flesh smell of hot ham?

Yeah. Me neither.

Today’s ‘Task of the Day’ is making ham soup. Read the rest of this entry »


28 07 2008

Blogging is an enormous responsibility. At least, it becomes one in the brain of the person who has made the dubious decision to write for their [hypothetical] audience.

It doesn’t matter if anyone actually reads it. The idea that someone may be sitting at their computer, frustrated because you haven’t posted anything in days is very upsetting. It’s a compulsion to entertain that is simultaneously inspiring and depressing. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekly Update

26 07 2008

It’s been a really good week this week. The weather in the Emerald Isle has been unseasonally cold. Five days out of seven we’ve had clouds, a high of 65 and a bit of breeze. Now, even if we do get 9 months of rain per year, the other three months are sunny and pleasant. I can imagine that most of the local population has therefore endured rather than enjoyed this week.

I’m one of the rare few who strongly dislikes high temperatures and would much rather keep my flannel sheets on year-round. Maybe I should move to Scotland or something… Read the rest of this entry »

A Future Career?

25 07 2008

I had a lovely chat with Aaron P. this evening. Since I’ve had an entire week without much human contact (comparitively) it was nice having a real conversation.

I gave him a hard time about how much Alaskan women love neck beards. He proceeded to suggest that I grow my own. Then someone compared him to a skinny bear and genius struck. If my movie-making career doesn’t work out I am going to join the circus. I shall be the bearded lady and Aaron P will be the trained bear. We are going to have dork-off competitions involving LOTR quotes and home school stories.

If this wasn’t the most quiet week ever, it would not be a note-worthy conversation. (Sorry Aaron.) But when you’ve spent five days talking to Gill the beta fish about the comparitive benefit of plastic vs paper bags, even slight wit is wonderful.

More to come soon.

Be My Guest

21 07 2008

I have about three blog posts saved up in my head right now. One of which is a tribute to my dad for his 50th birthday. The second is called “God is the Universes’ Most Patient Orchestra Conductor”. The third is the one you all are getting first. Primarily because it is what is going on in my life right now, partly because it seems most fitting for late-evening-porch-writing.

So what is going on in your life right now? you might ask.

Interesting (I speak in the cosmic sense) stuff. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer Reading, Had Me a Blast!

12 07 2008

I think that there is nothing in this world so wonderful as a library. The bigger the better. I had a morning to do just exactly what I wanted and (being me) I went to the Bellevue Regional Library.

I went armed with my cutest black first-grade-teacher sweater, a giant canvas bag for the books and a desire to do something constructive with my summer. The late-night Lord of the Rings marathon can’t last forever. Read the rest of this entry »