Bible Study for November

15 11 2007


So I’ve been doing this bible study on the biblical concepts of wealth, riches (they’re different you know) and blessing. I realized that I didn’t know nearly as much about the biblical concepts of money management as I thought I did. So I went through the whole bible and looked up every instance of the words ‘wealth’ ‘blessing’ ‘bless’ ‘rich’ riches’. There were somewhere around 500 when I didn’t include synonyms and 1500 when I did.

Fifteen pages of notes later the overview is done. Read the rest of this entry »


The Pressure’s on

31 10 2007

Or so my father says. He says that I have quite a readership (is that a word?) and that when your writing is enjoyable people expect you to write more.

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Another apology

23 10 2007

Sorry guys but when the Holy Spirit is moving there isn’t always time for blogging. A short list of the past 24 hour’s events will have to suffice.

Last night- spent three and a half hours on the floor interceding for Israel, the Maori and my destiny (Ask me about the angels sometime)

This morning- Overslept then spent three hours caring for my flatmates as they lay on the floor interceding for Dennis’ family and the nations

This afternoon- Went to class and was wonderfully challenged and blessed

Later this afternoon- went for a long walk with my ipod and the Lord

Evening- Ate chips (fries) and broccoli and went to the hotpools

Slightly later- discovered hot pools were closed, got hit with the Holy Spirit and went home to shower and pray

Just now- Got prophecied over by one of my flatmates, wept copiously, sent and e-mail and am now typing this.

You will understand my lack of proper updates, then.