Lesser thoughts of a greater mind

25 01 2008

Subtitle- “Because thoughts only become great after much thinking.”

Topic 1- Running on a sunny morning.

              I went to the gym this morning wearing black stretch pants with cut off gray sweats over them. When I came down the stairs my parents laughed at me and I was confused. I’m a dancer. We’re supposed to wear gray cut-off sweats over everything. The people at the gym seemed to agree with my folks. I got more than one bemused look.
               After pounding it out for half an hour (today was an ‘arms’ day) I got suited up for the run home. Now, when I woke up this morning it was 20 degrees outside. When we left the house it was 24. And I wanted to run home.
            ‘Cause I’m just that crazy.
            But if you wear two pairs of pants, a moisture-wicking-super-swank-bright-red shirt, a sweatshirt, a Northface fleece and a hat, it’s not so bad. And, even though you can see your breath and your warmth causes condensation to form like a sci-fi personal force field, it’s a pretty great experience.
        Now, I’m not a runner. I top out at about ten-minute miles for 40 minutes. But the thing is, I actually enjoy it. I like feeling like I’m about to hurl. I like getting red-faced and scary-looking. I like when I take off my hat and my hair stands up straight. More than that, though, I like the numb-legs feeling you get after a good run.
       But the best part, as far as I am concerned, is the people. Today I got to chat with two dog-walkin’ ladies and a bus full of wee children honked at me. Not bad for a girl who looks like an over-stuffed peep when she runs.
     And, if the sun is just rightt and the weather is perfect (or if there is no sun and the weather is crummy) you can have some great prayer time while you’re pounding the pavement. I recomend it highly.

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Working Out and Working In

3 01 2008

My life as of yesterday has been reduced to two things, working out and just plain working.

After the Great Room Purge of ’07 I realized that I have a lot of really cute clothes. The only problem is that they only fit my size 6 body, which now is hidden inside my size 8/10 body.

Some people work out to feel good about themselves, some do it for the adrenaline rush. I do it so I can wear my clothes!

What this all translates to is that I get up every morning and run for 20-45 minutes, then go to work. It’s a good schedule and I like it. If I could figure out a way to run twice a day I’d do it. However, it gets dark at about 4:30 now and some nights I don’t get home until 10:30. Running that late is impractical.

Work is fun. I really look forward to getting up and going there every day. How cool is it that God made people who actually enjoy working?!

That said, it’s time for me to hit the pavement.

Disney Princess Kind of a Day

3 11 2007

Sans Prince Charming, of course. (Darn it!)

But other than that it was about as Disney Princess-ish as you can get. It started with my two hour nap after the prayer room. Two hours is not quite a hundred years, but we’re approaching the end times and so everything has to be condensed.

Afterward I got suited up to go for my jog. The tide was in, the birds were out and a breeze was wafting lovely fragrances my way. (Occasionally that same breeze came off the bay and stank of seaweed and mud, but you take what you can get.) Read the rest of this entry »

Feeling blue?

31 10 2007

Let me recomend a run just at sunrise. It’s pretty enough to keep you distracted from aching lungs and shins and cold enough to keep you alert.

Those of you in the northern hemisphere might want to wait for spring to attempt this. It’s bound to be a wee bit cold. The good news is that sunrise is later for you all so you’d get to sleep in.

I have a happy heart and feel oodles better than yesterday. May that always be said of each of us!