How Not to Be Embarrassed

19 03 2011

This post could also be titled “Surviving Life as Meghan”.

Let’s face it, I was set up. God made me a six-foot tall blonde with not the best balance and a good amount of bouncy energy. It’s a given that I am going to do things like walk into open doors, fall while going up the stairs and trip over nothing. Never mind my apparent penchant for passing out in public. Luckily God is very kind because He also gave me a sense of humour. From twenty-three years experience I am going to give you all some tips about preventing and dealing with unpreventable embarrassing situations.  Read the rest of this entry »


Why You Shouldn’t Share Everything

13 03 2011

I find the internet to be a strange phenomenon. Especially in regards to things like blogging and social networking. When my heart is hurting or I’m confused about something I want to get input from friends and loved ones. But to share my heart on facebook, for example, means including all 270 of my “friends”. Now, I like all my FB “friends”, some of them I would trust with my life. But the majority of them do not know me well enough to be privy to my inmost thoughts.

And yet I have this repetitive urge to share with the interwebs all my thoughtiest thoughts. (Yes, I just made up a word). It’s frustrating and enough to make you delete your facebook account. I do NOT delete my account, however, because I actually enjoy seeing what people are doing throughout their day. My sister’s meal choices, Danielle’s amazing naturopathic know-how, pictures of my best friend’s baby and on and on and on.

I’m not sure this all has a point, other than my desire to have meaningful relationships seems to be cut off at the pass by the instant gratification of the internet. Secondarily the reminder to myself and the world that it’s better to say nothing at all when one is undergoing emotional stress. Truth doesn’t translate well via twitter and facebook. 180 characters cannot express reality in any meaningful way.

I’ve had this short story idea bouncing around and since Robin requested this new post I’ll take a first whack at it. If I was a “real” author I would never post first drafts on the internet. Luckily for you all I’m a fake author. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »