Prince Caspian, A Review

24 05 2008


I went into Prince Caspian with high expectations. They might have been unrealistic, but movies are something I take very seriously. Movies based on books are taken even more seriously than other films. If you are planning on retelling a beloved tale on film, you’d better be careful. Accuracy, emotional integrity and loyalty to the original storyteller are vital. The only exception I make to this rule is Clive Cussler who freaks out at the slightest alterations to his stories. He hasn’t grasped the fact that you cannot just transfer every word straight from paper to celluloid.


Prince Caspian is the second movie based on the Chronicles of Narnia books. Produced by Disney in concert with Walden Media and directed by Andrew Adamson, this movie tells the story of the Pevensie children’s return to Narnia. Thirteen hundred years have elapsed since Peter, Susan, Edmond and Lucy were kings and queens over Narnia and things are no longer as they once were. NArnia is ruled by the Telmarines, a people descended from pirates and bent on destroying every Narnian. Prince Caspian is next in line to the throne and is forced to escape his uncle Miraz in order to survive. While escaping he stumbles across a remnant group of Narnians. After blowing the horn and calling the Pevensie children back into Narnia, Prince Caspian and the Pevensies are forced to fight for the very survival of their people. Read the rest of this entry »


I was born ready

23 05 2008

Hello all my loyal and most mistreated blog readers! I am back, in brief, to tell you that I’ll be back at length soon.

Life has been crazy and tiring and confusing and wonderful all at once, and my creative juices have been channeled elsewhere. (Mostly into figuring out how to be more efficient at work.) I think of you all often. Well, those of you who I have actually met, and pray that you continue well.

I’m leaving for Kansas City tomorrow to spend some time with Aaron, Jennifer and the Bean. I also hope to spend lots of time with the prophetic teams at IHOP. Direction is needed! Perhaps I shall even have coffee with Mom and Pop Ferguson.

I’ve got to go pack. More soon. (Including a full life update).

Check this out!

1 05 2008

My friend Jason Ericson, who I’ve long believed to be cool, has suddenly achieved a status equal to “AMAZING”. I’ve just downloaded his CD of original piano compositions and it’s really beautiful stuff. And I’m not just saying that because he likes to argue with me and therefore comes with extra points. Nor am I saying it because he lives in Nash, my favorite dorm. Nor because he spent longer in NZ than I did. This stuff is really truly beautiful.

Those of you who know my lifelong love affair with the Beauty in life will understand why I am so enthusiastic.


Check it out at