The Lovely Things About Today…

31 08 2007

…are manifold.

 I had a rather teary talk with my mum this morning. Being sick far from home is a little depressing. BUT, in the pattern of my sister and brother-in-law I shall tell you all the lovely things about this day. In list form.

1. Sleeping all morning. Felt well-rested when I woke up. 

2. Getting my Tauranga city library card.

3. Getting a cart-load of books from aforementioned library. Including: Three biographies- Einstien, Teresa of Avila, C.S. Lewis; a bunch of fiction, some mystery, some sci-fi/fantasy, etc.

4. Going to the pharmacy in Tauranga for throat lozenges. They must have had about 5 women running around the pharmacy just helping people find stuff. Mine showed me three different lozenges and two kinds of cough syrup in two sizes. (Syrup is super expensive. I went with the lozenges.)

5. Veggie shopping. “NO KATE. Eggplant is gross!”

6. Visiting the girl’s house, chatting with Becca and watching her clean dishes.

7. Showering and blow-drying my hair. It’s the first time I’ve taken the time to do my hair since I’ve been here. It feels really nice for some reason.

8. Chapel. Got prophesied over for about 10 minutes. It was intensely wonderful. The kind of stuff that you just have to weep because there’s nothing else to do.

9. Falling over in the hallway while brushing my teeth. Kate and I have this thing where we flatten against the wall model-style when we pass in the hallway. This works much better when we aren’t brushing our teeth. The end result was that I sat on the floor and laughed for three minutes while trying not to cough up toothpaste.

10. Nikki coming out of her room and just hugging me. She goes “I know your mum is far away and you don’t feel good, but I wanted you to know that you have family here”.

11. Graham asking me why I’d “fuzzed” my hair. Apparently I was the only one who appreciated the effort put into my “do”.

12. Praying with Becca at chapel.

13. Did I mention that I took Kate’s sleeping bag to chapel and sat curled up in it for most of the night?! I do a lot better when I’m warm!

14. My mum bought me hiking socks before I left and I wore them to the prayer room tonight. They are the best thing since sliced bread. Warm and with padding at the toe and heel. Lovely!

15. Standing out on the dock at the end of our street wrapped up in Kate’s sleeping bag watching the stars. I can find the southern cross, now. Plus, nothing says Meghan-Moment like singing “Somewhere Out There” while gazing over the water to the stars.

16. It was daffodil day today in New Zealand. It’s a cancer-support thing (we’re assuming they aren’t supporting cancer but rather the fight against it). Men, women and children were out in full force, yellow daffodils in every buttonhole. 

17. The people I live with. I just love ’em. Even when there are seven people in our small kitchen all trying to cook something at the same time.

18. Steak. Kristy gave me some of their steak and it was heavenly. We eat a lot of different kinds of meat down here. Tonight Kristy had steak and Jo had lamb. Kate and I opted out of meat this evening. We’re going to the Mad Butcher tomorrow, hopefully.

Yeah, it’s been a good day.


How I’ve Changed

30 08 2007

So, I’ve been in New Zealand for ten or so days now and already I’ve begun to see changes in myself. (One of which is that I am now aware of how incredibly self-focused I am.)

For those of you who don’t get regular correspondence from me, or are extremely bored at work and so are reading this, here is a list of the ways in which I have changed. Read the rest of this entry »

Ginger Tea and Wellington!

29 08 2007

Today I was saved from a horrid coughing fit by Prekosh, the one Indian here at THOP. He had me boil tea then add a heap of ginger. It took the roof off of my mouth and I’m still burping up ginger but boy howdy did it work.

I’m so sick of having this cough. Even my back muscles hurt. Every time I cough I can feel the muscles between my shoulder blades. By the end of this I am going to have the nicest back ever.

But on to Wellington…

The girls are going to drive up north of Auckland and hang out at the beach. This idea is only very slightly appealing.

Instead, I am going to hop on a bus (it’s called the naked bus and you can get a fare for a dollar if you’re lucky) and go see Wellington.   That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. It’s going to be an adventure within an adventure. I’ve found a hostel (voted best hostel in Oceania) that’s right near everything I want to see. You can even go for a short drive and visit the LOTR horses. Let’s see, LOTR tours or sitting on a beach. Gee, what do YOU think I’m going to do?!

For now, I need a shower and some sleep. Too bad everyone is so darned entertaining down here in the living room.

If you feel the need to bless me, please send “holiday” money to my folks for me! All this adventuring costs dough, you know.

It’s a Total Eclipse of the…MOON

29 08 2007

Did any of you see it?

There was a total lunar eclipse last night and it was wicked sweet. I actually watched it for 20 minutes, then gave up and went to bed. However, my lovely roomates woke me up in time to see the final result. It was WAY cool.

If any of you saw it I’d love to hear your thoughts/impressions/stories.

The Nature of Beauty

28 08 2007

One thing I have desired of the Lord,That will I seek:That I may dwell in the house of the LordAll the days of my life,To behold the beauty of the LordAnd to inquire in His temple.Psalm 27.4

I am, perhaps, not the best person to deal with the subject of Beauty. But then, neither am I the worst. Ever since I had a prophecy spoken over me that I would live a life of beauty, I have been enthralled by the subject. To say that one is going to live a life of beauty is akin to saying that one is going to ‘be succesful’. That’s great but what does it mean? What is true of beauty? Read the rest of this entry »

the twelve-hour sleep

26 08 2007

My alarm went off at 7:15 this morning. I promptly rolled over, wrote a note to David and Karina, wandered down the hall, handed the note to Kate and went back to bed. (How’s that for the world’s longest sentence?) I then returned to bed and slept until 11 o’clock.

Feeling mostly better now and am looking forward to soup.

There’s not a whole lot to tell, I’ll write another update tonight. I hung out in the living room last night while Dennis and Badger jammed. Wrote some poetry (the creative flow was amazing) and had a lovely talk with Jo about tattoos and tiger parks. Really.

So no more for now. More to come later!

The No-Update Day

26 08 2007

Hey everyone. I’m not going to write about my day today. I’m tired and feeling pretty un-good. Prayers for renewed health and strength would be much appreciated. Symptoms: slight dizzyness, cough, junk-in-the-throat, exhaustion.

 I’ll write more when looking at a computer screen doesn’t hurt my eyes.

No worries, though, my heart and soul are happy. It’s just my body that’s rebelling.